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Download manager - AngloGold Ashanti Annual Reports 2011
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  • Country fact sheets

    Country fact sheets
    Australia add | open
    DRC add | open
    Namibia add | open
    Argentina add | open
    Ghana add | open
    South Africa add | open
    Brazil add | open
    Guinea add | open
    Tanzania add | open
    Colombia add | open
    Mali add | open
    United States add | open
  • Integrated Annual Report

    Integrated Annual Report add | open
  • Introduction

    Our approach to reporting add | open
    Key features of the year add | open
    Letter from the chairman add | open
  • Overview and strategy

    Overview and strategy
    Our business add | open
    Our products and our markets add | open
    Our stakeholders add | open
    Risk review add | open
    Our strategy add | open
    People are the business add | open
    Maximise margins add | open
    Manage the business as an asset portfolio add | open
    Grow the business add | open
    Embrace sustainability principles add | open
  • Performance in 2011

    Performance in 2011
    Letter from the chief executive officer add | open
    Five-year targets and scorecard add | open
    Operations at a glance add | open
    Review of exploration and development add | open
    Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve summary add | open
    Letter from the chief financial officer add | open
    Five-year summaries add | open
  • Future outlook

    Future outlook
    Looking forward: One-year forecast add | open
    Planning for closure add | open
  • Governance and compliance

    Governance and compliance
    Board and executive management and company secretary add | open
    Summarised corporate governance and remuneration report add | open
    Approvals and assurances add | open
    Shareholder diary and information add | open
    Administration add | open
  • Annual Financial Statements

    Annual Financial Statements add | open
  • Overview and strategy

    Overview and strategy add | open
    Scope of report add | open
    Key features of the year add | open
    Corporate profile add | open
    Strategy add | open
  • Review of the year

    Review of the year
    Financial review add | open
    One-year forecast – 2012 add | open
    Five-year summaries add | open
    Review of operations add | open
    South Africa add | open
    Continental Africa add | open
    Americas add | open
    Australasia add | open
    Project review add | open
    Global exploration add | open
  • Governance and compliance

    Governance and compliance
    Chairman’s letter – Audit and Corporate Governance Committee add | open
    Risk management and risk factors add | open
    Corporate governance add | open
  • Financial statements

    Financial statements
    Directors’ approval Secretary’s certificate add | open
    Report of the independent auditors add | open
    Directors’ report add | open
    Remuneration report add | open
    Group financial statements add | open
    Company financial statements add | open
    Principal subsidiaries and operating entities add | open
  • Other

    Non-GAAP disclosure add | open
    Glossary of terms and Non-GAAP metrics add | open
    Abbreviations add | open
    Shareholder information add | open
    Administrative information add | open
  • Gold production

    Gold production add | open
  • Group information

    Group information add | open
  • Sustainability Report

    Sustainability Report add | open
    Relatório de sustentabilidade add | open
    Informe de sustentabilidad add | open
    Rapport 2011 sur le développement add | open
  • Introduction

    Introduction add | open
    Our approach to reporting add | open
    Scope and purpose of this report add | open
    Sustainability performance summary add | open
    Corporate profile add | open
  • Context and strategy

    Context and strategy
    Business strategy add | open
    CEO discussion add | open
    Our sustainability journey add | open
  • Global priorities and progress

    Global priorities and progress
    Creating sustainable economic benefits add | open
    Community relations add | open
    Country focus – Guinea add | open
    Country focus – South Africa add | open
    Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) add | open
    Security strategy add | open
    Operating with respect for human rights add | open
    Safety and health add | open
    Environmental and natural resource management add | open
    Country focus – Colombia add | open
    Securing our skills pipeline add | open
    Responsible gold add | open
  • Review processes

    Review processes
    Internal assurance add | open
    External assurance add | open
    Commentary from the sustainability review panel add | open
    External assurance statement add | open
  • Supplementary information

    Supplementary information add | open
  • Safety

    Safety add | open
  • Health

    Health add | open
    Occupational health add | open
    Malaria add | open
  • Security

    Security add | open
  • Human rights

    Human rights add | open
  • Labour and transformation

    Labour and transformation add | open
  • Sustainable economic benefits

    Sustainable economic benefits add | open
  • Communities

    Communities add | open
  • Artisanal mining

    Artisanal mining add | open
  • Environmental and natural resource management

    Environmental and natural resource management add | open
    Compliance add | open
    Water add | open
    Climate change add | open
    Energy add | open
    Cyanide add | open
    Materials and waste add | open
    Air quality add | open
    Land use and biodiversity add | open
  • Mine life cycle

    Mine life cycle add | open
  • Responsible gold

    Responsible gold add | open
  • GRI Content Index

    GRI Content Index add | open
  • United Nations Global Compact Principles

    United Nations Global Compact Principles add | open
  • Implementation of the ICMM Sustainable Development Framework at AngloGold Ashanti

    Implementation of the ICMM Sustainable Development Framework at AngloGold Ashanti add | open