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Security | Supplementary information - AngloGold Ashanti Annual Reports 2011
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The information below provides disclosure under the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicator HR8: Percentage of security personnel trained in the organisation’s policies or procedures concerning aspects of human rights that are relevant to operations

Refer to “Security strategy” on page 40 of the group level sustainability report. Please note that this indicator includes a full year data, however, the reporting period for HR8 is from Sept 1 October 2010 – 30 September 2011.

Significant security incidents

In 2011 several incidents occurred in which force was used by AngloGold Ashanti security staff, contracted private security services or public security services. Details are provided below. Minimum force is advocated at AngloGold Ashanti’s operations and exploration sites at all times, in line with the company’s commitment to the Voluntary Principles.

Date Location Persons involved Detail
Incidents involving intervention by security personnel which resulted in deaths or injuriesto members of the public on AngloGold Ashanti concession land.
2011 Obuasi mine, Ghana Private security company and illegal miners A group of galamseyers (illegal miners) unlawfully entered the area of the tailings surface facility. It is alleged that in attempting to drive them out of this area, a member of the private security company responsible for securing the dam, Ghanatta Security, fired a shot. A 23-year-old man from one of the surrounding villages was wounded in the back. Although the victim received the appropriate medical treatment following the shooting, he died four days later in the Kumasi Teaching Hospital.

The incident was fully investigated internally and by the police and an employee of Ghanatta Security was subsequently arrested. He remains in custody on a charge of murder.
2011 Geita mine, Tanzania Security and illegal miners A shooting incident, which resulted in a death, occurred when four people unlawfully entered the Lone Cone pit area. A struggle with an armed Geita mine guard ensued during which one member of the group was wounded in the stomach when the guard’s firearm was discharged. He received medical treatment and was transported by ambulance to the Geita Hospital where he died.
2011 Geita mine, Tanzania Security and illegal miners A planned exercise was conducted by security personnel to remove illegal miners who had illegally entered one of the waste dumps (WD14). When the illegal miners were approached, some of them became hostile and threw rocks at the security personnel. One of the armed security staff fired a warning shot which, unfortunately, wounded one of the illegal miners. He was treated for his wounds, from which he recovered.

Following a police investigation and one held internally, which found that the security member acted justifiably in firing a warning shot, the company suspended the gun handler from using a firearm. He was retrained and found to be competent.
2011 Vaal River,South Africa Security and intruders A video-based motion detection alarm on a fence was activated by three intruders who were then observed entering the plant by the control room operators. While the reaction unit was on its way to the plant, the intruders were spotted again, carrying stripped copper cable. When the reaction unit arrived, two warning shots were fired by security staff in an attempt to prevent the intruders from fleeing the scene. Unfortunately pellets caused an injury to the leg of one of the suspects. The suspects were arrested but the wounded suspect was sent for medical treatment before being placed in custody.

A police investigation and one held internally found that there had been no intentional foul play. Nevertheless the staff of the security reaction unit were disciplined and suspended from using a firearm until retrained and found to be competent.
2011 Geita mine, Tanzania Security and illegal miners It was reported that a woman involved in illegal mining activities was bitten by a security dog and suffered a serious injury to her leg. Shortly afterwards it was reported that three male illegal miners were also bitten on their arms and legs by the same dog on the same night.

An in-depth internal investigation was held into the matter and it was found that two security dog handlers had acted inappropriately. They were immediately suspended from their duties and subsequently dismissed from the company, following a due disciplinary process.
2011 Geita mine, Tanzania Illegal miner It was reported that a group of about 30 illegal miners had intruded at WD5 – a place where ore is dumped. A number of security staff members responded to the incident. When they arrived on the scene, the illegal miners dispersed. Two illegal miners ran to a dam adjacent to the dump and entered the water in an attempt to escape arrest by crossing to the other side. When security staff arrived at the edge of the dam, one of the illegal miners turned back to face arrest, but the other had disappeared under the water. Initial attempts to find and rescue him failed. It seemed that he might have drowned and the police were summoned to investigate further. Following an investigation, the man was reported missing and it was suspected that he had drowned. This was confirmed when his body was found a couple of days later. The police and company investigation confirmed that there had been no foul play.
2011 Geita mine, Tanzania Illegal miner Acting in response to the presence of intruders at WD5, security staff members found four illegal miners on the tipping platform. They ran away when they saw the vehicle approaching. Shortly afterwards the security personnel found one of the intruders approximately 20 metres down the slope of the waste dump. He had a wound on his head and was unconscious. He was taken to Geita Hospital for treatment. He discharged himself a couple of days later.
2011 Geita mine, Tanzania Illegal miner Mine security personnel went to WD1 in a patrol vehicle. When they arrived at the top of WD1 they were seen by some illegal miners, who ran down the slope towards Nyakabale village. Later that evening, illegal miners brought an injured illegal miner to the mine gate for medical attention.

An investigation revealed that the villagers had carried the injured man to Nyakabale village. When they realized that he had broken his leg, they decided to take him to the security gate to request treatment. The injured man was stabilized at the mine clinic and then transported to Geita Hospital for further treatment.
2011 Geita mine, Tanzania Illegal miner Security personnel responded to a report of intruders at Cut 5. Here they saw approximately 20 illegal miners, who ran away, scattering in different directions. The security employees managed to arrest three illegal miners and observed about five fleeing in the direction of a dangerous area with a steep high wall. They patrolled the area but could not find anyone. Their search was made difficult because it took place at night. The next morning, while patrolling the area in daylight, security staff members found a seriously injured man. The emergency response team was called and the man was stabilized, first at the place where he was found and then at the mine clinic, before being taken to Geita Hospital. The man had fallen several metres down a steep wall of the pit, sustaining several fractures. He remains in hospital and is in a serious condition. A police investigation is pending.