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Review of operations and projects


Operations Gold production(1) (000oz) Average number of employees (2)
Cerro Vanguardia 196 1,644
AGA Mineração 361 3,825
Serra Grande 67 1,339
United States
Cripple Creek & Victor 267 581
Projects Average number of
Gramalote(3) 246
La Colosa(4) 550
  1. (1)Attributable production
  2. (2)Including contractors
  3. (3)Feasibility projects


All operations:

Employee safety
Skills shortages
Changes in regulatory and fiscal environment
OneERP implementation

  1. 1

    Delivery on production targets
    Potential for energy shortages
    Labour relations

  2. 2

    Environmental permitting and process
    water management
    Environment and health legacy issues

  3. 3

    Water scarcity

  4. 4

    Social issues arising from heightened
    community expectations and ASM
    Environmental permitting and process
    water management
    Security incidents

In the Americas region, an important growth area for the company, AngloGold Ashanti has:

  • in Argentina, the Cerro Vanguardia mine;
  • in Brazil, two business units, the AngloGold Ashanti Córrego do Sítio Mineração (AGA Mineração) and Serra Grande operation;
  • in Colombia, Gramalote and La Colosa projects; and
  • in the United States, the Cripple Creek & Victor mine.

Combined production from these operations increased by 6% to 891,000oz of gold in 2011, increasing its contribution to group production to 21% (2010: 19%).

Total cash costs increased by 22% to $528/oz. The stronger real and scarce mining skills along with accelerating inflation across the South American jurisdictions presented significant cost pressures during the year. Total capital expenditure for the region was $456m, an increase of 47% on the $311m spent in 2010. The bulk of this was expended at AGA Mineração, Cripple Creek & Victor and Cerro Vanguardia projects.

In all, 7,389 people including contractors, were employed, 807 more than in 2010. Regrettably, two contractor employees lost their lives in occupational accidents during 2011. The first in Brazil, where a worker was run over by a tractor on a construction site, and the second in Colombia where a worker was inundated by a naturally occurring landslide after unusually heavy rainfall. The AIFR was 6.33 per million hours worked as compared to 7.12 in 2009.

The total Mineral Resource across the Americas, attributable to AngloGold Ashanti, was 49Moz at the end of 2011 and the attributable Ore Reserve was 11Moz.

A far-reaching greenfield exploration programme is underway in the Americas region, most notably in Colombia, South America, where AngloGold Ashanti has extensive land holdings. Two significant greenfield discoveries – Gramalote and La Colosa – together account for 18Moz of the Americas‘ Mineral Resource. Exploration activities are conducted by either AngloGold Ashanti teams or together with joint venture partners, in Canada, Brazil and Argentina. See the global exploration section of this report for further details.




7,389people employed


Americas – key financial and non-financial statistics
2011 2010 2009
Pay limit oz/t 0.026 0.025 0.03
g/t 0.891 0.843 0.95
Recovered grade oz/t 0.034 0.034 0.037
g/t 1.15 1.17 1.25
Gold production 000oz 891 842 816
Total cash costs $/oz 528 432 362
Total production costs $/oz 765 615 496
Capital expenditure $m 456 311 258
Number of employees 7,389 6,582 5,884
Employees 5,273 4,737 4,233
Contractors 2,116 1,845 1,651
Number of fatalities 2
Fatal injury frequency rate per million hours worked 0.10
All injury frequency rate per million hours worked 6.33 5.66 7.12
Water usage ML 6,750 5,817 5,426
Energy usage – direct Million GJ 4.15 3.78 3.61
– indirect Million GJ 1.04 0.90 0.70
Greenhouse gas emissions CO2e (000t) 343 309 287
Cyanide used (t) 4,795 4,531 4,666
Reportable environmental incidents 1
Community investment $000 4,939 5,480 2,804
Ron Largent, Executive Vice President - Americas


...overseeing one of the gold industry’s more ambitious growth plans... [which] is part of a defined project... and this really is the first stage.

Ron Largent Executive Vice President – Americas

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