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Scope and purpose of this report


AngloGold Ashanti seeks to report on sustainability performance in an integrated and holistic way, taking into account a broad range of stakeholder requirements and current best practice.

The content of this report has been selected on the basis of a process, that includes input from various internal and external sources and takes into account issues raised in stakeholder interactions during the year and an assessment of business priorities and key business risks. Read more...

CEO discussion

Mark Cutifani

A positive contribution to society

AngloGold Ashanti’s vision is to be ‘The Leading Mining Company’. The vision that we share as colleagues is not meant to be a statement of final intent, but a torch that should light...
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Business strategy




The basis of AngloGold Ashanti’s strategy is its vision, mission and values. The company’s vision is to become the leading
mining company... Read more

Our sustainability journey

Giving effect to our


Our values are put into practice

We cover issues like Resource nationalism, Artisanal mining,
Criminal activity, Human rights,
Safety and health, Environment,
our Skills and more...
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Regional sustainability strategies


  • Americas

    Regional strategy
    Areas of focus in 2011:
    • Improving safety performance
    • Common approaches to stakeholder mapping and social risk assessment
    • Ensuring that sustainability aspects of prefeasibility work progressed to schedule at La Colosa
    • Improving processes to ensure timely submissions of environmental permit applications
    • Demonstrating AngloGold Ashanti’s commitment to being the leading mining company
  • Country focus: Colombia
    Country focus: Columbia

    In Colombia, AngloGold Ashanti is operating in an environment where large-scale open cast mining has not yet been developed in the gold sector. Debate is ongoing on the extent and nature of the country’s participation in the sector. Read more...

  • Continental Africa

    Regional strategy
    Areas of focus in 2011:
    • Working with local communities to achieve common developmental objectives in Guinea
    • improved environmental performance in Ghana
    • resolving issues relating to compensation for the community in Ajopa, a potential growth area for the business in Ghana
  • Country focus: Guinea
    Country focus: Guinea

    The complex, dynamic and increasingly challenging situation in Siguiri meant that it was a prime candidate for the development of a new approach to operating, both for AngloGold Ashanti and for the region. Read more...

  • South Africa region

    Regional strategy
    Areas of focus in 2011:
    • Improving safety and health performance
    • Further development of a technology and innovation strategy
    • Development and implementation of a socio-economic development strategy
  • Country focus: South Africa
    Country focus: South Africa

    Transforming the way we mine will ensure that the company has a sustainable future in South Africa. However, the current South African operating model is labour intensive, with the region representing more than 50% of our entire global workforce. Read more...

  • Australasia region

    Regional strategy
    Areas of focus in 2011:
    • Ensuring consistent implementation of group-wide sustainability standards
    • Effective management of contractor safety at Tropicana during the remainder of the construction phase
    • The development and implementation of a regional community plan
    • Implementing a compliance system that identifies all legislative environmental permitting and other obligations.
Country fact sheets    
Australia (PDF - 213KB) DRC (PDF - 214KB) Namibia (PDF - 208KB)
Argentina (PDF - 209KB) Ghana (PDF - 218KB) South Africa (PDF - 234KB)
Brazil (PDF - 220KB) Guinea (PDF - 207KB) Tanzania (PDF - 202KB)
Colombia (PDF - 213KB) Mali (PDF - 205KB) United States (PDF - 209KB)