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Annual report suite 2012

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Annual integrated report 2012

Annual integrated report 2012 open
Our vision open
Introduction open
Scope of report open
Key features of the year open
Organisational overview and business model open
Five-year targets and performance scorecard open
Letter from our chairman, Tito Mboweni open
Our business open
Our products and markets open
Gold and investment markets in 2012 open
Strategy open
Our strategic focus areas open
Letter from our CEO, Mark Cutifani open
Context open
Our stakeholder open
Understanding and mitigating our risks open
Identifying and addressing our material issues open
Performance open
Operations at a glance open
Review of operations open
Continental Africa
South Africa
Review of projects open
Review of exploration open
Chief Financial Officer’s report open
Summarised financial information open
Non-GAAP disclosure – summary open
Governance and Renumeration open
Abridged governance report open
Board and executive management open
Abridged remuneration report open
Outlook open
One-year forecast – 2013 open
Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve – summary open
Planning for closure open
Other open
Approvals and assurances open
Combined assurance open
Shareholder diary and information open
Administrative information open

Annual financial statements 2012

Annual financial statements 2012 open
Our vision open
Scope of report open
Our business open
Financial performance open
Key features of the year open
Financial review open
Chief Financial Officer’s report open
One-year forecast – 2013 open
Five-year financial and operating summaries open
Risk factors related to AngloGold Ashanti’s suite of 2012 reports open
Governance open
Chairman’s letter – Audit and Corporate Governance Committee open
Chairperson’s letter – Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee open
Corporate governance report open
Financial statements open
Directors’ approval open
Secretary’s certificate open
Affirmation of financial statements open
Directors’ report open
Remuneration report open
Independent auditor’s report open
Group financial statements open
Company financial statements open
Principal subsidiaries and operating entities open
Other open
Non-GAAP disclosure open
Abbreviations open
Shareholder information open
Administrative information open

Sustainability report

Sustainability report open
Rapport du développement durable 2012 (French translation) open
Informe de sustentabilidad 2012 (Spanish translation) open
Relatório de sustentabilidade 2012 (Portuguese translation) open
Our vision open
Key features of the year open
Who we are open
Our business open
Our stakeholders open
Our approach open
Letter from our CEO, Mark Cutifani open
Our business strategy open
Our sustainability strategy open
Our approach to risk management and identifying material issues open
Our approach to assurance open
Our sustainability review panel open
External panel review open
Our performance open
Ensuring safety and health open
Attracting, developing and retaining our people open
Responding to the strike in South Africa open
Delivering sustainable community benefits open
Adding value open
Addressing artisanal and small-scale mining open
Respecting human rights open
Securing our people and assets open
Responsible Gold open
Addressing energy security and climate change open
Responsible custodianship of water and land open
Cyanide and waste management open
Managing our supply chain open
Project One: Business Process Framework open
Compliance and administration open
GRI index open
Independent assurance report open
GRI application level check open
ICMM compliance open
UNGC compliance open
Memberships in associations and external initiatives open
Externally developed economic, enviromental and social charters open
Awards received open
Case Studies open
Fuel and oil standard implemented – toward cleaner operations open
Combined assurance means “no surprises” open
Mine has healthy relationship with environment in Patagonia open
Making decisions with help from the local community open
Supporting the Cajamarca Dairy Sector open
Developing alternative livelihoods at Gramalote, Colombia open
Collaborative efforts to preserve water in Colombia open
Partnership and participation at Cripple Creek & Victor open
Floods and fairy shrimp open
Artist-in-residence programme in Australia open
Supporting students for the future open
Employees simplify sustainability management system (SMS) open
Cleo and Sunrise rock! open
Tropicana: partnering with indigenous stakeholders open
Work at Australian exploration site yields two new myrtle species open
ASM unpacked open
Support for major skills development initiative open
Basic education project reaps rewards open
Saving lives by removing people from risk open
Water everywhere, for everyone open
Health students bring healing and more to KZN open
The future of mining: technology and innovation in the 21st century open
Energy consumption cut in South Africa open
Simunye – working as one in South Africa open
In the shadow of the headgear open
Community development fund an integral part of exploration in Solomon Islands open
“Green” roads lead to drilling in forest clearings open
Working with the Mbuti to preserve DRC forests open
TauTona: better for our being there open
AngloGold and Africare aid vulnerable in Sadiola open
Micro-dams in Mali bring new possibilities for market gardeners open
The Siguiri and Bouré electrification project open
A focus on beneficiation – South Africa open
Administrative information open
Guide to using our report open

Sustainability report summary

Sustainability report summary open

Mineral resources and ore reserve report

Mineral resources and ore reserve report open

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting open
Form of Proxy open
CDI Voting Instruction Form open
GhDS Voting Instruction Form open
DI Voting Instruction Form open


Glossary open

Operational profiles

Operational profiles
Argentina open
Cerro Vanguardia open
Australia open
Sunrise Dam open
Tropicana open
Brazil open
Serra Grande open
AGA Mineração open
Colombia open
Gramalote open
La Colosa open
DRC open
Kibali open
Mongbwalu open
Ghana open
Iduapriem open
Obuasi open
Guinea open
Siguiri open
Mali open
Morila open
Sadiola open
Yatela open
Namibia open
Navachab open
South Africa open
Vaal River open
West Wits open
Tanzania open
Geita open
United States open
Cripple Creek & Victor open