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Annual report suite 2012

Identifying and addressing our material issues

A risk may or may not be a material issue identified by the business. However, it is one that influences or makes a difference to a decision maker, whether a shareholder or a stakeholder.

We understand that an analysis of our risks is critical in shaping our business strategy but these are not necessarily reflective of the positions and concerns of our stakeholders, but those which we have identified as issues are material to the business.

We have adopted a three stage process in determining our material issues:

Three stage process in determining material issues [graph]

Issues are characterised as follows for each of our key stakeholders groups, namely employees, shareholders, communities and governments.

Material issues

Employee safety and health, in particular mine fatalities
associated with deep-level underground mining, as well
as legacy health issues and the threat of class action.
OS See Ensuring safety and health.
Access to adequate energy and water supply.
OS See Addressing energy, security and
climate change
; and Responsible custodianship of
water and land
Impact of climate change on our business, our regulatory and physical environments and communities.
OS See Addressing energy security and
climate change
Environmental permitting, potential water and air pollution and competing demands for land use.
OS See Responsible custodianship of water
and land

Also see Planning for closure in this report.
Delivery on production and growth targets, including the introduction of new technologies and mitigating skill shortages.
See Five-year targets and Performance
, and Understanding and mitigating
our risks
Rising resource nationalism, and potential conflict with government (including imposition of royalties, taxes, levies, mandated beneficiation and state ownership of resources).
OS See Adding value and Delivering
sustainable community benefits
Global market dynamics – recession, gold price, R/$ volatility, ability to raise capital, as well as inflationary cost pressures, especially rising labour expectations and costs.
See Gold and investment markets in 2012.

OS See Project One: Business Process
Framework for a successful company
Heightened community and government expectations; in some countries artisanal and small scale mining (ASM): labour relations.
OS See Adding value, Delivering
sustainable community benefits
, and
Addressing artisanal and small-scale mining.
Upholding fundamental human rights and support for Responsible Gold.
OS See Respecting human rights,
Securing our people and our assets, and
Responsible Gold.
Ensuring consistency in policy, approach and management of our supply chain.
OS See Managing our supply chain, and
Responsible Gold.