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Annual report suite 2012


This report provides a comprehensive view of our business with insight into our approach to sustainability, our objectives, strategy and performance. In this report we focus on those sustainability issues that have been determined to be most important to us, and to our stakeholders. Scope of this report


Our Sustainability Report is published annually, with the previous report having been published in March 2012. It should be read in conjunction with this, our online Sustainability Report, and our Integrated Report for the year ended 31 December 2012. For ease of use, a detailed guide to using our reports may be found on the inside back cover of this report, with a flap that may be opened while reading the report. An interactive online guide may be found below

For noting

The following key parameters should also be noted in respect of our reports:

  • Production is expressed on an attributable basis unless otherwise indicated.
  • The average workforce, including employees and contractors, is reported for AngloGold Ashanti subsidiaries and joint ventures (JVs). The JVs are reported on an attributable basis.
  • Adjustment of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions factors for Ghana and updating of records at other locations have resulted in restatement of some entries for 2011.
  • Unless otherwise stated, $ or dollar refers to US dollars throughout this suite of reports.
  • Locations on maps are for indication purposes only.
  • Group and company are used interchangeably.

For terminology used refer to the glossary of terms

Letter from our CEO

I have been privileged to have been part of the team that built
the foundation for systemic changes in the way we do business,
and how we consider sustainability across all areas of our business.

Mark Cutifani | Read letter | Listen to podcast

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AIFR of 7.72 per million hours worked. RA


16 reportable environmental incidents. RA

Community investment:

$24.91m invested in our communities. RA

Payments to government:

$1,245m paid in taxes. RA


On average we employ 65,822 people,
including contractors.

Human rights:

9 human rights incidents due to security interventions.

Our material issues