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Annual report suite 2012

Our stakeholders

Thomas Streiff


Thomas Streiff
Fondation Guilé
Head of Engagement

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Stakeholder engagement is the process through which we stay connected with our stakeholders and social partners.

Stakeholders are those who are directly or indirectly affected by our business and those with the ability to influence our business outcomes, positively and/or negatively, and social partners are stakeholders with whom we seek to build mutually beneficial relationships. Stakeholder engagement may be formal or informal.

Our stakeholders are highly diverse, reflecting the variety of geographic regions in which we operate, the wide range of groups with which we interact and the extent of issues with which we deal.

While we plan for a certain level of engagement in every relationship, we aim to be responsive to issues and concerns as they arise.

Stakeholder identification and engagement is undertaken in all areas of operation, within a framework informed by the group management standard on engagement. This standard applies to engagement at corporate, regional, country office and site levels and:

  • records our intention that all operations engage in building successful and mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders throughout the life of mine cycle (including exploration projects, new and established operations, during closure and post-closure); and
  • provides tools for building social partnerships to secure our social licence to operate and positions us as the preferred operator wherever we have a presence.


Partnership and participation at CC&V

The Cripple Creek & Victor (CC&V) social engagement programme is firmly focused on partnership and participation. After operating a modern mining operation close to two populated areas for almost 18 years, we have found that working with the local communities through the already existing – and recently formed – community organisations and leaders, is key to our success.

See case study: Americas – Partnership and participation at Cripple Creek & Victor

Stakeholder groups with which we interact include:

Stakeholder groups with which we interact
  1. * NGOs = non-governmental organisations
    CBOs = community-based organisations