Safety and health

Improving the health of communities

Public health risks are present in various regions in which we operate. Our approach to managing these risks takes into account the different circumstances in each region. In general, the management of public health risks is more effectively undertaken by engaging with the communities in which we work to find shared solutions which mitigate the level of risk for both employees and communities.

The main public health risks affecting our operations

One of the most significant community health risks is malaria, which occurs in areas surrounding several of our operations in Continental Africa, particularly in Ghana, Guinea, Mali, and Tanzania. Management of this health risk is through malaria programmes which go beyond our mining sites in all areas. These aim to provide positive benefits to communities in which we operate by decreasing the incidence of disease among both employees and community members. Integrated control programmes including spraying in local communities around operations, effective disease management and monitoring and evaluation programmes, are undertaken in partnership with communities, local government and health authorities. See an outline of progress made in implementing this approach at the Geita Gold Mine in Tanzania.

Key performance indicators
New cases of malaria
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Stacked bar chart (by country)
Occupational illness Malaria control, Geita