Engaging with stakeholders for mutual benefit

Our approach

Effective engagement for mutually-beneficial relationships with stakeholders is one of the guiding principles of our sustainability strategy. We believe it is essential to maintain our social licence to operate.

AngloGold Ashanti has a wide range of stakeholders – see our definition of stakeholders below. Relationships with communities, government and employees, both individually and through affiliations such as organised labour, community-based organisations (CBOs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are some of the most critical in relation to sustainability issues, and are therefore dealt with in detail in this section.

While much of our engagement with government and regulatory authorities takes place directly and on company-specific issues, AngloGold Ashanti is also active in various industry bodies, including Chamber of Mines structures in various jurisdictions. Here the focus is to develop industry positions on topics such as legislation and regulations governing the mining sector.

A key concern for mining companies in these discussions is to promote regulatory certainty in relation to the sector. Uncertainty regarding the regulatory or legislative horizon fuels a lack of confidence in the industry with a range of negative consequences.

Our stakeholders

Groups include:

  • Locally affected and labour sending communities and individuals and their formal and informal representatives
  • Organised labour
  • Government and politicians
  • Employees and their families
  • Civic and religious organisations and other groups with special interests
  • Regulatory bodies
  • The media
  • The academic community
  • Suppliers and other businesses
  • Investors and potential investors
  • Joint venture partners
  • Industry bodies

Engagement takes place at a group level with stakeholders whose interests may have an impact on the business as a whole, such as investors, the media and certain government and civic organisation representatives.

Each country and site has the responsibility to define its stakeholders, to understand the impact of operations on them and their potential to influence the business. Sites must engage with stakeholders to build mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships. This work is undertaken across the mining lifecycle, from early exploration through to closure.

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