Our strategy

Implementation progress

Significant progress was made during 2014 in further defining and articulating our sustainability strategy, identifying the issues which are material to business performance, and securing leadership commitment and resources.

In the area of health and safety, clear measures of performance have been established and have been in place in the business for some time. In other areas such as community engagement, the process of setting group targets is more challenging given the wide range of countries in which we operate. Where targets have been set, these are outlined in the relevant sections of this report.

Pilot work was also undertaken during 2014 on the application of the International Finance Corporation’s Financial Valuation Tool (FV Tool) in AngloGold Ashanti. The purpose of the tool is to support the business case for sustainability investment by making the value derived from such projects explicit. Sustainable development initiatives at the Geita Gold mine in Tanzania were analysed using the tool during 2014. The initial results are promising and the roll out of this approach is expected to be investigated further and implemented during 2015.

Particular effort has been made over the reporting period to improve our understanding of how complex sustainability-related risks evolve. With this improved understanding, we are better positioned to determine the controls which will prevent these risks developing into safety, environmental, health or security incidents.

2014 implementation progress summary

Success CriteriaProgress summary

Progress in 2014

Defining and articulating our strategy
  • A defined vision aligned to the group’s strategic direction
  • Our sustainability vision is aligned to company strategy.
  • A clear and defined business case and value proposition for sustainability
  • Significant progress has been made in promoting understanding internally in relation to the business case for sustainability
  • The identification of relevant business measures which will translate our vision into value for the business and its stakeholders
  • Work still needs to be undertaken in 2015 to improve the measures we are using to analyse value and improve performance
Identifying the sustainable development issues which are material to business performance
  • Key issues identified and understood
  • Coordinated responses demonstrate that issues are being addressed
  • We have identified the sustainable development issues which are material to business performance, but work remains to address them consistently across the business
Securing leadership commitment and resources
  • Board and leadership commitment secured
  • The Board and leadership is strongly committed to the strategy
  • Adequate resources in place to deliver on strategy
  • As in other disciplines, staff numbers in the sustainability area have been reduced. However we remain confident that we have the right skills and personnel in place to deliver on our strategy
Stakeholder engagement internally and externally to meet objectives
  • Plans shared with internal and external stakeholders
  • Commitments met
  • Collaboration and co-design underpins our approach
  • Additional internal and external engagement is required and processes for achieving collaboration and co-design need to be strengthened
  1. Achieved
  2. In progress
Guiding principles