Summarised group financial results
– income statement

For the year ended 31 December

US dollar millions2019(1)2018(1)2017
Continuing operations
Revenue from product sales3,5253,336 3,394
Cost of sales(2,626)(2,584)(2,607)
Gain (loss) on non-hedge derivatives and other commodity contracts5(2)
Gross profit904750 787
Corporate administration, marketing and other expenses(82)(76)(64)
Exploration and evaluation costs(112)(98)(105)
Impairment, derecognition of assets and profit / loss on disposal(6)(7)(2)
Other expenses(83)(79)(150)
Operating profit621490466
Interest income148 8
Dividends received2
Foreign exchange losses(12)(9)(11)
Finance costs and unwinding of obligations(172)(168)(157)
Share of associates and joint ventures' profit 168122 22
Profit before taxation619445 328
Profit after taxation from continuing operations 369233165
Discontinued operations
Loss from discontinued operations(376)(83)(336)
(Loss) profit for the year(7)150(171)
Allocated as follows:
Equity shareholders
– Continuing operations364 216 145
– Discontinued operations(376)(83)(336)
Non-controlling interests
– Continuing operations5 17 20

(1) Years 2018 and 2017 have been restated for IFRS 5.