Brazil’s sustainable partnership programme

AngloGold Ashanti has a number of partnerships in place that help us to live up to our commitment to make the communities in which we operate better off because of our presence.

In Brazil, our Sustainable Partnerships Programme is the main platform for our social investment. Through this programme, we provide subsidies to people to play a leading role in their own development. AngloGold Ashanti Brazil invests around $253,376 annually in projects that address social, cultural or environmental issues that will have positive and lasting effects on communities. These projects are selected after an open and transparent application process in which community members play an active role.

In addition to receiving financial support, developers of the projects selected receive training from qualified consultants, covering topics such as management, finance, marketing, and other skills essential for sustaining and growing an emerging business.

The initiatives chosen must be aligned with the programme’s values and contribute to at least one of the United Nation’s SDGs. In the past nine years, AngloGold Ashanti estimates that this intervention has benefited about 27,000 people through 240 social projects. In 2019 alone, 24 initiatives from six municipalities in Brazil received support.

One of the projects selected for the programme was Que Planta, which is located in the Santa Barbara Municipality. Que Planta is an initiative dedicated to the mapping, cultivating and marketing of seedlings and seeds for agroforestry system development. With AngloGold Ashanti’s contribution, the group was able to build a nursery with an irrigation system and a refrigerated seed bank. It also bought tools and invested in marketing.

Que Planta created a site to gather data on plant species, enabling the company to map them, and to survey the people who own them and others who would like to acquire them. The partnership has made it possible to produce a diverse range of seedlings efficiently and to a higher quality. It also meant Que Planta could increase the reach of its business.

Another project is the Barra Feliz Association, also in the Santa Barbara Municipality. The Barra Feliz Association generates employment and wealth through projects that involve traditional handicrafts. The Sustainable Partnerships Programme funds sewing courses and, in 2019, enabled the purchase of items for the manufacturing process, including sewing machines, as well as furniture and other workspace equipment.