Integrated report <IR> 2020

Our strategy

We have an exciting growth story. We’ve already demonstrated a track record of delivery. Our commitment to our shareholders is unwavering, and we have and will continue to assess all options to improve shareholder value.


Five key strategic focus areas have been identified to enable us to deliver on our overall strategic objective – to generate sustained and improved cash flows and returns over the longer term. These strategic areas, which guide decision-making, are aimed at generating increased cash flows; extending mine lives; creating an organic pipeline of economically viable orebodies; and enhancing our licence to operate. The overall aim is creating and preserving value for all our stakeholders.

Strategy diagram
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    Focus on people, safety and sustainability

    People are the foundation of our business. To remain sustainable in the long term, we must clearly exhibit our values in the conduct of our business. This encompasses being accountable for our actions and respecting all stakeholders and the environment. ESG principles are integrated into every aspect of our business.

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    Ensure financial flexibility

    We must ensure our balance sheet always remains able to meet our core funding needs.

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    Optimise overhead, costs and capital expenditure

    All spending decisions must be thoroughly scrutinised to ensure they are optimally structured and necessary to fulfil our core business objective.

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    Improve portfolio quality

    We have a portfolio of assets that must be actively managed to improve the overall mix of our production base as we strive for a competitive valuation as a business.

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    Maintain long-term optionality

    While we are focused on ensuring the most efficient day-to-day operation of our business, we maintain a close eye on creating a competitive pipeline of long-term opportunities.

See Delivering on our strategy for how we have delivered on our strategic focus areas.

Our vision, mission and strategic aim

Our vision, mission and values are embedded in our strategy. Introduced in 2014, our current strategy allows us to be agile in navigating a dynamic operating environment. It enables AngloGold Ashanti to create value throughout the business cycle. Our strategy considers the external macro-economic environment, resulting risks and opportunities as well as our most material issues.

Our vision

To be the leading mining company

Our mission

To create value for our shareholders, our employees and our business and social partners through safely and responsibly exploring, mining and marketing our products

Our strategic aim

To generate sustainable cash flow improvements and returns

Strategic enablers

Streamlined, margin-focused portfolio

Disciplined capital allocation and a strong balance sheet

Engaged workforce; prioritising the safety and health of employees

Values-driven culture

Responsible citizenship with good governance as the foundation

Strategic goals over time

  • Unlock full underlying value of the portfolio
  • Support a self-funded project pipeline for our long-term production plans
  • Continue replenishing and increasing Ore Reserve pipeline to sustain the business