Sustainability Report <SR> 2020

Adapting security systems to respond to COVID‑19

Security systems across all our operations have been revamped during the COVID-19 pandemic with security taking on the additional role of protecting people from illness.

The focus now is on security and health, with security functions having a major role to play as they are on constant duty and can be the first line of defence in limiting the spread of disease.

Across our sites we have introduced new measures to keep people safe - by incorporating the best technology available as well as the introduction of new infrastructure.

At Obuasi and across all our sites we have made changes to existing infrastructure to ensure everyone has adequate access to hand washing facilities and sanitizer. Buckets with fixed taps and soap dispensers were distributed.

At our corporate office in Johannesburg and at our offices in Brazil, we are using facial recognition and thermal technology to identify employees and take their temperatures. This means social distancing can be adhered to and staff now have to touch very few surfaces when entering the offices.

In Johannesburg at our corporate office, we completely revamped the security and systems in place. Employees are advised by a series of posters and directed by stickers on the floor to ensure social distancing. At the entrance to the building, employees enter a cubicle, guided by a green for ‘go’ and red for ‘stop’ LED lighting system, complete a questionnaire with the wave of a hand and have your temperature tested, with a green light telling you it’s safe to proceed to your desk.

The new system ensures that security staff have limited contact with people coming in and out of the office. The measures in place make sure that anyone with an elevated temperature is identified and leaves the office or goes to the clinic to seek medical advice, limiting the risk of the spread of any infection whether it be COVID-19 or another illness.

At Siguiri mine in Guinea, the number of hand washing facilities was increased on mine sites and in host communities. Other initiatives included temperature testing on site as well as supplying personal protective equipment and medical equipment.

Similar measures have been introduced across all our sites, following government and health organisation protocols to keep people as safe as possible while at work.