Sustainability Report <SR> 2020

The Market Garden Project in Siguiri empowers local women

In 2013, Siguiri mine conducted a socio-economic baseline study on Block 1 of its concession. Findings revealed that the host communities have large tracts of wetland conducive for agriculture. However, these agricultural lands were used only in a marginal way by a tiny proportion of the population due to the high prevalence of artisanal mining.

This consequence of which was high food insecurity and malnutrition in the host communities. It was based on these findings that the mine, in consultation with Farmer-Based Organizations (FBOs) in host communities, bound by a partnership agreement, undertook to promote vegetable production as an alternative income-generation activity. The project objective is eradicating food insecurity and malnutrition, whilst reducing the involvement of the population in artisanal mining and its associated negative impact on people’s health and the environment. As a result, more than a dozen women have left illegal mining in favour of participating in this project.

The project started in July 2015 with four farming groups constituting about 80% females. With the excitement generated by the first production campaigns, 10 other farming groups were formed in mid-2016.

To date, the project is directly benefiting about 67 groups from 2 cooperatives in Siguiri, Boure and Mègnè. The project is 85% women owned with approximately 1,035 women participate in the project. In 2020, inputs and market gardening equipment were handed over to women, youth groups and cooperatives in Siguiri Prefecture.

Ms Keita

“This project has brought many benefits to our lives, going to the farm every morning has become our daily life. We manage to cover our expenses, dress, and feed the family. Through the project I was able to buy 10 oxen and each harvest I earn up to 6 million Guinean Franc (GNF) and other women can earn up to 3 million GNF. After each harvest we sell our vegetables at the market in Boukaria.”

Ms Keita, project member

“Our first harvest was a great success for the village. Each harvest every member benefits. I call on all women to quit artisanal mining and join the farm as it is a lifetime investment and beneficial for us”

Ms Aminata Sidibé, project member

Ms Aminata Sidib