Sustainability Report <SR> 2020

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Constructive, collaborative and respectful stakeholder relationships build trust and underpin our ability to create value.

Engaging with our stakeholders enhances our understanding of the operating environment and in turn facilitates informed decision-making. We engage regularly with key stakeholders to better appreciate their view of AngloGold Ashanti and to identify potential risks, opportunities and material issues.

Our stakeholder engagement approach

We are committed to collaborative and transparent stakeholder engagement. Our stakeholder engagement process aims to balance the needs, interests and expectations of key stakeholders with those of the Company at every stage of our business, from exploration to mine closure.

Oversight and accountability

The board has ultimate responsibility for stakeholder engagement. The SES Committee assists with oversight of material stakeholders and their issues. A formal stakeholder engagement framework provides for structured and constructive engagements at appropriate management and operational levels.

Primary concerns
Engagement and response
Investment community
  • Company and portfolio updates, performance and financial viability
  • Impact and management of COVID-19
  • ESG performance and disclosure
  • Email, telephone, video and one-on-one engagements at investor days and conferences
  • Regular reporting on COVID-19 protocols
  • Information published in annual reports, website and regulatory announcements
Employees and unions
  • COVID-19 response and management
  • Job security and impact of asset sales
  • Employee value proposition
  • Safety and wellbeing
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Frequent and ongoing communication, employee meetings and briefings
  • Targeted safety, health, diversity campaigns
  • Regular, diarised meetings with unions
Governments and regulators
  • Portfolio and project updates
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Flow of benefits
  • Regular direct and indirect engagement
  • Compliance with all laws and regulations
  • Employment and procurement opportunities
  • Legacy issues
  • CSI and LED programmes
  • Environmental impact
  • Direct community engagement strategy focusing on each host country and matters at hand
  • Grievance mechanisms
  • Procurement opportunities
  • Promotion of local procurement and capacity building
  • Responsible ESG practice
  • Regular, ongoing engagement
  • Optimised participation by local companies and transfer of skills
  • Timely payment to and support of SMMEs
Industry partners and peers
  • Regulatory changes and community challenges
  • Responsible ESG practices
  • Climate crisis and impact of climate change
  • Virtual engagement platforms to collaborate with peers
  • Participation in drafting of international standards and principles
Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs) and community-based organisations (CBOs)
  • Environmental impact
  • Social performance and impact, with focus on human rights
  • COVID-19 management and response
  • Regular direct and indirect engagement
  • Grievance mechanisms
  • Participation in collaborative relief efforts
  • Company’s performance – economic, social, environmental
  • Leadership
  • Regular engagement to facilitate understanding of AngloGold Ashanti
  • Targeted discussions on critical and emerging issues to manage reputation and address speculation