Sustainability Report <SR> 2020

Our sustainability journey

AngloGold Ashanti’s current sustainability journey spans well over a decade and continues to transform the Company in a manner that seeks to address the evolving landscape, while ensuring the foundation of our strategy remains deeply rooted across the business.

Our sustainability strategy was first established in 2013 and our previous sustainability reports have provided more detail about our strategy, including the focus areas that have been established for each of the sustainability disciplines. (see 2015 – 2019 reports)


  • BEGINNING the process of self-assessment gaps in relation to complying with the ICMM Performance Expectations and the Responsible Gold Mining Principles.
  • ENHANCING our ESG performance.
  • PARTICIPATION in the Global Compact Young SDG Innovators Programme to increase young talent involvement in operationalising and providing the business with innovative solutions towards the SDGs.
  • Combined a number of disciplines
  • under the Corporate Affairs and Sustainability banner. Creating a structure that will ensure we understand the needs of our stakeholders and can address them effectively.
  • Consolidation and pushing the boundaries
  • Deepening integration into the business and value chain
  • Strengthening connections between business activities and the SDGs
  • Outward focus and collaboration
  • AngloGold Ashanti University of Cape Town partnership for thought leadership and innovation
  • Operationalising SDGs – 2030 aspirations set with step change activities
  • Leverage off the foundation
  • Targeted integration into strategic business processes
  • Pockets of excellence observed. Mapping the SDGs to material issues
  • Integrating into the business
  • Strengthening credibility of sustainable development portfolio
  • Sustainability conversations shift from meeting compliance to generating value
  • Integrating the disciplines
  • Guiding principles and philosophies embedded into discipline work
  • Common language and approach
  • Current phase of the sustainable development journey begins
  • Developing a common strategic framework
  • Inward focus with varying degrees of discipline maturity