Iduapriem improves safety through fatigue management

Iduapriem has introduced a successful fatigue management system to limit the health and safety risks related to fatigue. Called Smart, the system has shown an 18% increase in alertness levels among employees over a 12-month period. This improvement was seen at all hours of the day, with the most significant increase evident during the night shift.

Iduapriem has also piloted and implemented the SmartCap fatigue system. SmartCap, worn on the head, provides accurate information about drivers’ and operators’ levels of fatigue in real time. It does this by measuring employees’ brain activity when they operate equipment, and combining this information with advanced fatigue algorithms. It is the only device of its kind to use this technology.

SmartCap eliminates “micro sleeps”, where an employee may lapse into sleep for a very short period, which is a major cause of accidents in the workplace. It also allows operators to proactively manage their own fatigue so that they and those around them get home safely at the end of every day.

At Iduapriem, drivers and operators’ also wear LifeBands, worn on the wrist, which determine their levels of alertness. This data is sent to a touchscreen that is installed in vehicle cabins and provides real-time feedback. The screen displays alertness scores and historical data and, if the operator is giving any indication that they may fall asleep, activates warning alerts and risk alarms.

Centralised monitoring for all of this data is provided through LifeHub, a cloud-based analytics suite. LifeHub can also send SMSs and email alerts, and provide live monitoring that can be sent to line supervisors and management, allowing them to address health and safety risks relating to fatigue as soon as they arise.