Contributing to resilient self-sustaining communities

Our activities are guided by our Social Performance Management framework, which includes our Community Relations Policy and its supplementary management standards and Guidelines, all of which are found in our Code of Business Principles and Ethics.

Our community relations approach – aimed at securing and maintaining our SLO is based on inclusive stakeholder engagement, proactive and timeous impact management, and benefit management.

Respecting the rights and customs of all stakeholders is key to respecting human rights in and around our concessions. We engage with a broad cross section of community members and leadership, including traditional leaders, local and national government, women’s groups, youth and people with disabilities, civil society, and indigenous communities in and around our operational areas.

All sites have Stakeholder Engagement Plans. These are based on detailed annual stakeholder mapping processes and are guided by our Stakeholder Engagement Management Standard, which is aligned with IFC Performance Standard 2.

We monitor our SLOs by tracking our level of acceptability, legitimacy and trust within our local and host communities. In 2021, we introduced an SLO assessment matrix to assess each operation and identify shortcomings and areas for improvement. The results showed an encouraging trend in partnerships and improving trust levels across the Group.

Despite disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we made progress on several initiatives:

  • Using NGO Search for Common Ground to enhance engagement processes at Siguiri
  • Maintaining strong relationships with indigenous communities around our Australian operations
  • Perception surveys in seven municipalities in Brazil showed improvements in social, economic and environmental contributions
  • Key engagements were held with external and institutional stakeholders as we built relationships during a delayed permitting process at Quebradona
  • Meetings were held at Iduapriem with stakeholders, including traditional and other leaders of the Teberebie community, as we sought to strengthen partnerships and communication around economic development projects
  • Intensive stakeholder engagement with regional, municipal and traditional leadership at Siguiri resulted in the signing of the Block 2 Memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the Foulata Communities
  • Siguiri’s management met with the local Djelitomba or “Association of Griots”, who play an essential role as traditional communicators, having conveyed messages and resolved community conflicts for centuries
  • At Geita, we signed the MOU detailing corporate social responsibility projects for implementation in 2021/22 with the Geita district and town councils
  • At Corporate Office, we explored measures on addressing mental health challenges in the health profession. This resulted in a partnership with Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) to provide mental health resilience training for 500 health professionals in South Africa


We understand that our activities can have negative impacts on communities and that these must be addressed fairly and openly. Our approach to social impact management dictates that operational management processes and systems are relied upon to identify and mitigate past, current and future impacts. These consider external factors such as changing socio-political and economic contexts, societal expectations and community concerns. All AngloGold Ashanti sites are also expected to avoid or, where not possible, minimise and mitigate their impacts on local communities through project designs and management plans.

Grievance mechanisms available in all our sites and accessible to local communities are critical to implementing and managing this process. These mechanisms are guided by our Management Standards on Complaints and Grievances, and Community Incident Management, both of which are aligned with the International Finance Corporation and the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs).

All complaints and grievances lodged with the Company are managed on iSIMS, a platform that provides transparency when recording, investigating and mitigating impacts, and reporting and resolving complaints. Most of the complaints lodged with our operations are related to mining impacts on communities. We have initiated joint monitoring forums like the Blasting Monitoring Committees to inclusively manage these impacts. We aim for a 100% closeout rate on grievances within 30 days.

Complaints and grievances in 2021 LA

CountryOperationComplaints and
grievances received
Number of complaints and
grievances as at
31 December 2021
Brazil Cuiaba 81 3
 CDS 149 5
 MSG 26 0
 Country Manager49 2
Colombia Quebradona 3 1
Tanzania Geita 4 3
Guinea Siguiri 49 12
Ghana Obuasi 20 10
Iduapriem 66 12
Total 447 48 1
Note: There were no complaints and grievances reported in operations not included in this table.
1. It should be noted that the table reflects unresolved cases as at the end of 31 December 2021

Management of community incidents have a direct impact on our SLO and require careful management and timeous closure. Community incidents can be self-reported through iSIMS or reported by third parties through each site’s complaints and grievance mechanisms. All community incidents are managed in line with AngloGold Ashanti’s Incident Management Standard, which classifies incidents according to severity. In 2021, 12 community incidents were reported. These were predominantly “community opposition events” related to the intrusion of illegal miners on active mining areas in Siguiri and the impact of the mine’s activities on the communities in Siguiri and Obuasi. One of these was classified as a major community incident, where community members at Siguiri disrupted mining operations for several days due to a disagreement with the implementation of the mine’s localisation programmes. Refer to the 2021 ESG and sustainability databook for more detail on community incidents.


In 2021, AngloGold Ashanti’s legacy projects implementation timeline was delayed, pending the implementation of the new Operating Model and a review of the project scope. We remain committed to the implementation of legacy projects in South Africa to ensure a lasting benefit to our former host and labour-sending communities.


Land is a critical resource for both our operational requirements and our communities, for whom it provides livelihoods and links of cultural significance, among other things. Mine expansion may require resettlement of households and livelihood restoration. Displacement and relocation in connection with our mining activities is a sensitive and complex challenge we address consistent with international best practice. Our Land Access and Resettlement Standard, in line with the IFC Performance Standard 5, guides our approach for responsible land access and resettlements. AngloGold Ashanti remains committed to avoid resettlements wherever possible.

Land-related actions and developments in 2021

Brazil Mineração

92 land invasions at Nova Lima and Raposos, down from 112 in 2020 due to establishment of a multi-stakeholder partnership (including government); voluntary resettlement project at Santos Reis community made steady progress with 45 of 51 families now occupying their new homes.


Assessment and evaluation of life-of-mine land requirements; sustainable land-use plan developed, engagements with authorities ongoing.


Land was acquired for the Block 2 mine expansion project and project affected persons (PAPs) were compensated for construction of 53km haul road in Block 2; no resettlement of households was required for the project.


As part of IFC’s Compliance Advisor Ombudsman conciliation process for Area 1 resettlement, an independent resettlement specialist study was undertaken in late 2021. Identified gaps are being verified and remedial actions will be developed and implemented.


The implementation of the Beposo TSF and RWD resettlement action plan progressed. Compensation payments were distributed to project-affected persons and 121 out of 218 replacement houses were constructed.

Quebradona Project

Livelihood monitoring and restoration programmes are being implemented with support of INSUCO for 13 social units of properties required by the project.


Our values enjoin us to respect the culture, heritage and customs of our host and local communities. In culture and heritage management processes, our adherence to legal commitments, international standards of good practice, and our management standard, are priorities.

Our Cultural Heritage and Sacred Sites Standard, Indigenous Peoples Standard, and Human Rights Standard were designed to enable us to partner with our communities, including indigenous communities. These standards guide us in identifying, respecting, protecting, and preventing the unauthorised or undesired disturbance of cultural heritage assets by our business activities.

All AngloGold Ashanti operations have dedicated culture and heritage management processes in line with legal requirements. In 2021, we initiated the development of a culture and heritage module on the iSIMS platform to enhance our cultural heritage databases and information systems and better integrate cultural heritage considerations into our mine planning processes.

Culture and heritage actions during 2021


Dedicated cultural heritage management plan developed and being implemented for Block 2 road project using external cultural and heritage specialists. Principles of FPIC and ICMM’s Position Statement is the basis for the plan and the relocation of sacred sites.


A new site for the Teberebie cemetery was established with the involvement of local stakeholders and a management plan was developed to improve access to the old site.


Archaeological artefact discovered at exploration site in Jericó and reported to the mayor and director of the Maja Museum. Legal process to protect and place the items in local museum initiated.


In Queensland, negotiations for a Heritage Agreement have commenced, with ongoing consultation and discussions with the Cape York Land Council (CYLC) and the Native Title Party, the Olkola claimant Group.


A key focus of our SLOs are our contributions to the development of local and host communities. We continued to engage with stakeholders in the implementation of our Socio-economic development plans, guided by the Socio-Economic Contribution Standard, and invested $18m in community investment projects in the areas of education, social infrastructure, income generation initiatives and health.

Some highlights of our contributions included:

  • Tanzania: At Geita, the Corporate Social Responsibility Plan MOU 2020/21 was signed between the mine, the Geita Town Council and the Geita District Council as required by the Tanzanian Mining Act
  • Ghana: At Obuasi, we started to develop a 10-year socio-economic development plan that includes input from local government, traditional authorities and communities
  • Australia: Supported new and ongoing youth/education programmes and initiatives aimed at encouraging indigenous youth to participate in primary and secondary schools programmes
  • South Africa: The corporate office partnered with PROTEC to deliver mathematics and science programmes at three schools in the Diepsloot informal settlement in Gauteng province. Two scholarships were awarded to the top performing female and male students

Employee volunteer activities continued across the Group. In Brazil, employees volunteered in seven host communities and there were 90 voluntary participants in more than 18 initiatives. This amounted to more than 167 hours and more than 1,604 people benefited.

We continued to support our communities in addressing COVID-19 by enhancing their capacity to respond to the pandemic. Some of the COVID-19 interventions implemented in 2021 include:

  • Brazil: Oxygen cylinders supplied to hospitals in Nova Lima, Sabará and Santa Bárbara
  • South Africa: 1,000 OxEra respiratory devices were donated to various hospitals in Gauteng province
  • Colombia: 10,000 Sinovac vaccines were procured to inoculate employees, contractors and family members. Quebradona donated oxygen cylinders to the Fredonia Hospital
  • Ghana: At Iduapriem, a fully-equipped 20-bed Communicable Diseases Unit was handed over to the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipality for the Apinto Government Hospital. The facility will serve as an isolation centre for the management of COVID-19 cases in the municipality. Medical supplies were also donated to the hospital
  • Tanzania: At Geita, we supported an awareness seminar on COVID-19 for health specialists and journalists from various local media houses, aimed at encouraging vaccination against COVID-19


AngloGold Ashanti makes every effort to procure goods and services from local business and has held various briefing sessions to guide potential suppliers on how to participate in our supply chain. We provide guidance in the areas of governance, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, recording and transparent reporting of our payments and funding activities, and honest and open engagements with our stakeholders. In 2021, $2.4bn was spent on local procurement, or 91% of the total procurement budget.

Wherever possible, the employment of local people is aligned to our localisation strategy and is vital to ensuring tangible value from our operations is shared with our host countries and communities. We have a number of local content and skills development programmes and have introduced community employment procedures at some sites to further increase local participation in our workforce.


The introduction of the new Operating Model will require we update our Community Management Policy and Management Standards. A review process will be initiated during 2022 to align our standards to the new Operating Model. In 2021, we continued to rely on the Combined Assurance Review programme to track our social performance and assess compliance to our community management standards.

The Community Information Management System (CIMS) was merged into the new iSIMS during the year. This platform serves all of our sustainability disciplines and enables integrated operational risk management and key performance indicators at Group, business unit and operational-level reporting.

AngloGold Ashanti’s foundation in community relations is built on mutual respect, transparency and trust.

Prioritised SDGs

Related case studies

Our performance

Employee safety
All injury frequency rateGroup (including sold assets)*2.142.393.314.817.49
All injury frequency rateGroup (excluding sold assets)*2.141.682.142.261.98
All injury frequency rateAmericas3.553.683.843.973.29
All injury frequency rateAfrica0.610.590.620.490.39
All injury frequency rateSouth Africa06.126.6010.2512.68
All injury frequency rateAustralia6.593.747.339.148.53
All injury frequency rateEmployees1.703.124.386.569.81
All injury frequency rateContractors2.421.742.132.133.14
Fatal injury frequency rateGroup (including sold assets)*0.030.0700.030.06
Fatal injury frequency rateGroup (excluding sold assets)*0.030.0300.020
Fatal injury frequency rateAmericas0.04000.050
Fatal injury frequency rateAfrica0.020.05000
Fatal injury frequency rateSouth Africa00.3000.070.11
Fatal injury frequency rateAustralia00000
Fatal injury frequency rateEmployees0.040.1000.040.06
Fatal injury frequency rateContractors0.020.0500.030.05
Lost time injury frequency rateGroup (including sold assets)*1.081.622.263.375.69
Lost time injury frequency rateGroup (excluding sold assets)*1.080.941.161.111.02
Lost time injury frequency rateAmericas2.312.552.722.471.86
Lost time injury frequency rateAfrica0.170.250.310.120.15
Lost time injury frequency rateSouth Africa05.215.358.2110.08
Lost time injury frequency rateAustralia2.200.791.683.123.76
Lost time injury frequency rateEmployees0.922.403.564.967.60
Lost time injury frequency rateContractors1.190.930.831.222.10
Injury severity rateGroup (including sold assets)*57103122197314
Injury severity rateGroup (excluding sold assets)*5743533829
Injury severity rateAmericas1391111359877
Injury severity rateAfrica11161793
Injury severity rateSouth Africa0422316538582
Injury severity rateAustralia10826145
Injury severity rateEmployees69177201304456
Injury severity rateContractors4938355449
Occupational fatalitiesGroup (including sold assets)*26037
Occupational fatalitiesGroup (excluding sold assets)*22010
Occupational fatalitiesAmericas10010
Occupational fatalitiesAfrica12000
Occupational fatalitiesSouth Africa04027
Occupational fatalitiesAustralia00000
Occupational fatalitiesEmployees14025
Occupational fatalitiesContractors12012
High-potential incidentsGroup (including sold assets)*91177140140210
Total recordable Injuries numberGroup (including sold assets)*158199283415913
Total recordable Injuries numberGroup (excluding sold assets)*158118135133117
Employee and community health
New cases of silicosisGroup061947107
New cases of silicosisAmericas00000
New cases of silicosisAustralia00000
New cases of silicosisAfrica00000
New cases of silicosisSouth Africa061947107
Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL)Group5172039132
Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL)Americas307377
Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL)Australia00001
Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL)Africa20110
Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL)South Africa017123554
Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL)Greenfields Exploration00000
All Occupational Disease Frequency Rate (AODFR) Group0.080.801.373.297.03
All Occupational Disease Frequency Rate (AODFR) Americas0.1100.320.163.67
All Occupational Disease Frequency Rate (AODFR) Australia000.2100.50
All Occupational Disease Frequency Rate (AODFR) Africa0.0700.030.030
All Occupational Disease Frequency Rate (AODFR) South Africa05.064.8110.1812.39
All Occupational Disease Frequency Rate (AODFR) Greenfields Exploration00000
New cases of occupational TBSouth Africa0244388255
Occupational TB incidence rate South Africa00.470.500.741.01
New cases of MalariaGhana415218344383477
New cases of MalariaMali098103115127
New cases of MalariaGuinea1,276714832563959
New cases of MalariaTanzania80194283103123
Malaria Lost Time Frequence RateGhana2110203751
Malaria Lost Time Frequence RateMali032343328
Malaria Lost Time Frequence RateGuinea17111112561128
Malaria Lost Time Frequence RateTanzania61524911
Resilient communities
Proportion of spending on local suppliersArgentina8989889393
Proportion of spending on local suppliersBrazil9373786966
Proportion of spending on local suppliersAustralia100100999999
Proportion of spending on local suppliersSouth Africa068716668
Proportion of spending on local suppliersGhana9189918990
Proportion of spending on local suppliersMali068737476
Proportion of spending on local suppliersGuinea6963727668
Proportion of spending on local suppliersTanzania8777747668
Total procurement spendGroup2.652.582.052.062.29
Total procurement spendCentrally managed1.831.761.411.421.54
Total procurement spendRegionally managed0.830.820.640.640.75
Community investmentGroup (less equity)18.1120.5927.6922.2524.05
Community investmentSouth Africa0.892.863.995.195.97
Community investmentCorporate0.891.360.8811.16
Community investmentSouth Africa Operations01.503.114.194.80
Community investmentAfrica10.2911.3017.958.129.02
Community investmentGhana1.422.870.820.320.53
Community investmentIduapriem0.501.080.480.200.41
Community investmentObuasi0.921.790.340.120.12
Community investmentMali00.360.520.580.50
Community investmentMorila00.
Community investmentSadiola00.270.400.270.33
Community investmentYatela0000.170.12
Community investmentTanzania6.104.785.854.126.33
Community investmentGeita6.104.785.854.126.33
Community investmentGuinea1.482.3510.152.470.89
Community investmentSiguiri1.482.3510.152.470.89
Community investmentDRC1.290.940.610.620.77
Community investmentKibali1.290.940.610.620.77
Community investmentAustralia1.010.810.700.740.68
Community investmentSunrise Dam & Tropicana1.010.810.700.740.68
Community investmentAmericas5.925.626.189.419.83
Community investmentArgentina3.573.813.867.748.89
Community investmentCerro Vanguardia3.573.813.867.748.89
Community investmentBrazil0.340.561.941.530.49
Community investmentAGA Brazil (Mineracao)0.320.481.511.211.34
Community investmentSerra Grande0.020.080.430.320.11
Community investmentColombia2.
Community investmentColombia Greenfields00000.05
Community investmentQuebradona1.010.750.120.060.10
Community investmentGramalote10.470.160.070.19
Community investmentLa Colosa00000.11
Community investmentUSA00.030.0900.01
Community investmentCripple Creek & Victor00000
Community investmentDenver Office00.030.0900.01
Community investmentLess equity-accounted investments00000
Sites with local community engagement programmesGroup100100100100100
Community incidentsGroup1221322617
Operations with significant actual and potential negative impacts on local communitiesGroup100100100100100
Number of identified incidents of violations involving the rights of indigenous peoples during the reporting periodGroup00000
Sites on or adjacent to indigenous territories with formal agreements with indigenous peopleGroup01113
Direct raw materials
Ore processedGroup (including discontinued operations)44,07370,02080,76980,07185,419
Ore processedGroup (excluding discontinued operations)44,07342,71640,86539,98741,512
Ore processedArgentina2,9472,2672,8942,8823,309
Ore processedCerro Vanguardia2,9472,2672,8942,8823,309
Ore processedAustralia13,23812,86612,73211,85111,687
Ore processedSunrise Dam4,0514,0394,0864,0314,033
Ore processedTropicana9,1878,8278,6477,8207,654
Ore processedBrazil4,9425,3234,5314,1334,424
Ore processedAGA Mineração3,7093,8013,2322,9712,999
Ore processedSerra Grande1,2331,5221,2991,1621,425
Ore processedGhana6,0185,6215,1195,3465,058
Ore processedIduapriem5,4965,0095,1015,3465,058
Ore processedObuasi5226121900
Ore processedGuinea11,48711,21610,38210,42911,677
Ore processedSiguiri11,48711,21610,38210,42911,677
Ore processedMali03,7354,7735,1835,030
Ore processedSadiola03,7354,7735,1835,030
Ore processedYatela00000
Ore processedSouth Africa023,56935,13234,90138,877
Ore processedMine Waste Solutions017,82526,59826,10326,322
Ore processedVaal River02,3143,8004,0827,940
Ore processedWest Wits03,4304,7344,7164,615
Ore processedTanzania5,4405,4245,2065,3455,358
Ore processedGeita5,4405,4245,2065,3455,358
Liquid fossil fuelsGroup (including discontinued operations)315,936270,063332,127318,102318,701
Liquid fossil fuelsGroup (excluding discontinued operations)315,936296,154302,558283,534280,944
Liquid fossil fuelsArgentina14,95911,30215,25115,59118,761
Liquid fossil fuelsCerro Vanguardia14,95911,30215,25115,59118,761
Liquid fossil fuelsAustralia76,82116,63975,54468,83766,198
Liquid fossil fuelsSunrise Dam19,98414,29212,80416,13914,193
Liquid fossil fuelsTropicana56,8372,34762,74052,69852,005
Liquid fossil fuelsBrazil24,10322,34819,51816,39118,741
Liquid fossil fuelsAGA Mineração16,50815,90013,32211,16913,037
Liquid fossil fuelsSerra Grande7,5956,4476,1965,2215,704
Liquid fossil fuelsGhana31,34228,59226,75127,92425,834
Liquid fossil fuelsIduapriem26,63522,95523,53127,36925,434
Liquid fossil fuelsObuasi4,7075,6363,220555400
Liquid fossil fuelsGuinea81,46077,59971,96455,55758,318
Liquid fossil fuelsSiguiri81,46077,59971,96455,55758,318
Liquid fossil fuelsMali028,30429,19233,26737,209
Liquid fossil fuelsSadiola028,93129,19233,26736,952
Liquid fossil fuelsYatela0000257
Liquid fossil fuelsSouth Africa01473781,8155,186
Liquid fossil fuelsMine Waste Solutions02342,625
Liquid fossil fuelsVaal River0097761,735
Liquid fossil fuelsWest Wits01473661,036826
Liquid fossil fuelsTanzania87,25184,50393,52998,72088,454
Liquid fossil fuelsGeita87,25184,50393,52998,72088,454
LubricantsGroup (including discontinued operations)7,0176,0476,2525,6985,932
LubricantsGroup (excluding discontinued operations)7,0175,6995,8405,0394,762
LubricantsCerro Vanguardia438438439380414
LubricantsSunrise Dam97866416516472
LubricantsAGA Mineração938964775658698
LubricantsSerra Grande265268224243256
LubricantsSouth Africa0186293387801
LubricantsMine Waste Solutions020283429
LubricantsVaal River093269251
LubricantsWest Wits072239344521
ExplosivesGroup (including discontinued operations)56,92550,23755,22553,53552,136
ExplosivesGroup (excluding discontinued operations)53,96649,80454,54252,59848,695
ExplosivesCerro Vanguardia3,7993,1084,2853,5944,368
ExplosivesSunrise Dam2,9592,2472,7891,1311,049
ExplosivesAGA Mineração5,8355,5994,1083,7664,382
ExplosivesSerra Grande1,8542,2601,8681,8991,481
ExplosivesSouth Africa04346828411,615
ExplosivesVaal River0000479
ExplosivesWest Wits04346828411,136
CyanideGroup (including discontinued operations)14,36223,72527,99026,45124,111
CyanideGroup (excluding discontinued operations)14,36215,19412,85012,72011,986
CyanideCerro Vanguardia1,1111,0449951,0741,278
CyanideSunrise Dam1,9001,6811,6261,5001,202
CyanideAGA Mineração854969738781878
CyanideSerra Grande440634572450548
CyanideSouth Africa07,26414,10611,84210,122
CyanideMine Waste Solutions05,1428,5818,8736,430
CyanideVaal River07843,7341,2701,975
CyanideWest Wits01,3381,7911,6991,717
Total acid consumptionGroup (including discontinued operations)7,59710,41211,34918,77754,944
Total acid consumptionGroup (excluding discontinued operations)7,3127,8925,8305,5826,533
Total acid consumptionArgentina1,5961,6262,0341,3701,945
Total acid consumptionCerro Vanguardia1,5961,6262,0341,3701,945
Total acid consumptionAustralia1,0931,4009581,6221,646
Total acid consumptionSunrise Dam7051,035623569571
Total acid consumptionTropicana3883653351,0541,075
Total acid consumptionBrazil1,5961,5651,8071,6001,352
Total acid consumptionAGA Mineração1,4821,5181,7521,5281,336
Total acid consumptionSerra Grande11447557216
Total acid consumptionGhana1,9321,996155120189
Total acid consumptionIduapriem88138136118157
Total acid consumptionObuasi1,8441,85819232
Total acid consumptionGuinea1,0961,0276356801,201
Total acid consumptionSiguiri1,0961,0276356801,201
Total acid consumptionMali0349245533550
Total acid consumptionSadiola0349245533550
Total acid consumptionSouth Africa02,1715,27412,66247,861
Total acid consumptionMine Waste Solutions07571,2812,8114,380
Total acid consumptionVaal River01582,7438,94642,697
Total acid consumptionWest Wits01,2561,250905784
Total acid consumptionTanzania285277241189199
Total acid consumptionGeita285277241189199
Total alkali consumptionGroup (including discontinued operations)114,561141,439119,954119,533132,653
Total alkali consumptionGroup (excluding discontinued operations)114,561109,44574,80075,25770,299
Total alkali consumptionArgentina2,1342,0712,0212,3222,083
Total alkali consumptionCerro Vanguardia2,1342,0712,0212,3222,083
Total alkali consumptionAustralia40,30138,58832,30729,08122,303
Total alkali consumptionSunrise Dam19,82718,99314,35813,7516,811
Total alkali consumptionTropicana20,47419,59517,94915,33115,492
Total alkali consumptionBrazil41,83538,60616,30120,56922,886
Total alkali consumptionAGA Mineração40,56137,44515,06719,67821,258
Total alkali consumptionSerra Grande1,2741,1621,2348911,628
Total alkali consumptionGhana10,38711,9093,4683,9223,609
Total alkali consumptionIduapriem3,8493,4583,4003,9223,609
Total alkali consumptionObuasi6,5388,4516800
Total alkali consumptionGuinea13,99912,56815,60114,74715,117
Total alkali consumptionSiguiri13,99912,56815,60114,74715,117
Total alkali consumptionMali07,2004,1347,5368,368
Total alkali consumptionSadiola07,2004,1347,5368,368
Total alkali consumptionYatela00000
Total alkali consumptionSouth Africa024,79341,02036,74053,986
Total alkali consumptionMine Waste Solutions019,77227,93026,76524,824
Total alkali consumptionVaal River02,2549,7166,30825,613
Total alkali consumptionWest Wits02,7663,3743,6673,549
Total alkali consumptionTanzania5,9045,7035,1034,6164,150
Total alkali consumptionGeita5,9045,7035,1034,6164,150
International Cyanide Management Code certificationPercentage of processing plants certified in full compliance to the international cyanide management code9188879394
International Cyanide Management Code certificationNumber of processing plants certified in full compliance to the international cyanide management code1114131417
Non-mineralised waste
Non-hazardous waste00000
Non-hazardous waste by typeTotal9,0437,37314,81413,75520,773
Non-hazardous waste by typeRecycled ferrous metal waste8,4746,96314,25812,97319,949
Non-hazardous waste by typeRecycled non-ferrous metal waste569409556782824
General wasteTotal25,22625,14540,33733,01948,043
General wasteRecycled8672,8671,4441,0181,839
General wasteOn-site disposal23,42621,30520,10931,03145,350
General wasteOff-site disposal93297318,785970854
Waste Incineration Total3160000
Waste Incineration On-site incineration (without energy recovery)3160000
Waste Incineration Off-site incineration (without energy recovery)00000
Hazardous waste00000
Battery wasteTotal131939140361
Battery wasteRecycled131938236361
Battery wasteOff-site disposal00.769.104.190.02
Hydrocarbon waste Total4,7803,9681,4442,9743,786
Hydrocarbon waste Recycled2,6842,2471,2162,0422,291
Hydrocarbon waste On-site disposal00000
Hydrocarbon waste Off-site disposal2,0961,7212289321,495
Other hazardous waste incl. fluorescent lighting and chemical and solvent wasteTotal16,08118,56925,33023,80331,377
Other hazardous waste incl. fluorescent lighting and chemical and solvent wasteRecycled1,037972857729703
Other hazardous waste incl. fluorescent lighting and chemical and solvent wasteOn-site disposal13,92517,44024,22522,77630,577
Other hazardous waste incl. fluorescent lighting and chemical and solvent wasteOff-site disposal1,11815824829897
Waste incinerationTotal4500000
Waste incinerationOn-site Incineration of Medical waste140000
Waste incinerationOff-site Incineration of Medical waste00000
Waste incinerationOn-site Incineration of hazardous waste (without energy recovery)4370000
Waste incinerationOff-site Incineration of hazardous waste (without energy recovery)00000
Mineralised waste
Mill Tailings and Heap Leach Waste producedGroup (including sold assets)*44.0770.0280.7780.0789.76
Mill Tailings and Heap Leach Waste producedGroup (excluding sold assets)*44.0742.7140.8739.9945.85
Mill Tailings and Heap Leach Waste producedArgentina2.952.272.892.887.65
Mill Tailings and Heap Leach Waste producedAustralia13.2412.8712.7311.8511.69
Mill Tailings and Heap Leach Waste producedBrazil4.945.324.534.134.42
Mill Tailings and Heap Leach Waste producedGhana6.025.625.125.355.06
Mill Tailings and Heap Leach Waste producedGuinea11.4911.2210.3810.4311.68
Mill Tailings and Heap Leach Waste producedMali03.744.775.185.03
Mill Tailings and Heap Leach Waste producedSouth Africa023.5735.1334.9038.88
Mill Tailings and Heap Leach Waste producedTanzania5.445.425.215.355.36
Overburden and waste rock placedGroup (including sold assets)*146.54140.84165.32172.48191.56
Overburden and waste rock placedGroup (excluding sold assets)*146.54140.84165.32172.48183.43
Overburden and waste rock placedArgentina14.6111.4817.5815.5918.62
Overburden and waste rock placedAustralia64.3875.9486.2579.7185.81
Overburden and waste rock placedBrazil8.558.589.045.4511.45
Overburden and waste rock placedGhana36.3226.2726.3932.9930.29
Overburden and waste rock placedGuinea11.2615.2310.137.807.97
Overburden and waste rock placedMali00008.13
Overburden and waste rock placedSouth Africa00000
Overburden and waste rock placedTanzania11.413.3515.9330.9429.31
Energy and GHG emissions
Energy consumptionGroup (including sold assets)*22.0425.5726.3225.3829.76
Energy consumptionGroup (excluding sold assets)*22.0421.0020.6918.9118.16
Energy consumptionArgentina1.761.561.861.871.90
Energy consumptionCerro Vanguardia1.761.561.861.871.90
Energy consumptionAustralia8.137.777.686.726.32
Energy consumptionSunrise Dam3.102.792.672.492.18
Energy consumptionTropicana5.034.975.014.234.14
Energy consumptionBrazil2.712.612.452.262.33
Energy consumptionAGA Mineração2.011.981.831.721.77
Energy consumptionSerra Grande0.700.620.620.540.56
Energy consumptionGhana2.552.451.991.841.72
Energy consumptionIduapriem1.561.431.411.581.46
Energy consumptionObuasi0.991.020.580.260.26
Energy consumptionGuinea3.453.
Energy consumptionSiguiri3.453.
Energy consumptionMali01.221.231.311.55
Energy consumptionSadiola01.221.231.311.55
Energy consumptionYatela00000
Energy consumptionSouth Africa03.354.405.1710.05
Energy consumptionMine Waste Solutions00.670.820.870.83
Energy consumptionVaal River00.370.601.204.61
Energy consumptionWest Wits02.312.983.104.61
Energy consumptionTanzania3.443.343.693.923.49
Energy consumptionGeita3.443.343.693.923.49
Energy intensityGroup (including sold assets)*0.500.370.330.320.35
Energy intensityGroup (excluding sold assets)*0.500.490.510.470.44
Energy intensityArgentina0.600.690.640.650.58
Energy intensityCerro Vanguardia0.600.690.640.650.58
Energy intensityAustralia0.610.600.600.570.54
Energy intensitySunrise Dam0.770.690.650.620.54
Energy intensityTropicana0.550.560.580.540.54
Energy intensityBrazil0.550.490.540.550.53
Energy intensityAGA Mineração0.540.520.570.580.59
Energy intensitySerra Grande0.560.410.470.470.39
Energy intensityGhana0.420.440.280.300.29
Energy intensityIduapriem0.
Energy intensityObuasi1.901.66000
Energy intensityGuinea0.300.
Energy intensitySiguiri0.300.
Energy intensityMali00.330.260.250.31
Energy intensitySadiola00.330.260.250.31
Energy intensitySouth Africa00.
Energy intensityMine Waste Solutions00.
Energy intensityVaal River00.
Energy intensityWest Wits00.670.630.661.00
Energy intensityTanzania0.630.620.710.730.65
Energy intensityGeita0.630.620.710.730.65
GHG emissionsGroup (including sold assets)*1,3802,3372,5702,5713,953
GHG emissionsGroup (excluding sold assets)*1,3801,3041,2681,1501,114
GHG emissionsArgentina9683101102106
GHG emissionsCerro Vanguardia9683101102106
GHG emissionsAustralia475451449395372
GHG emissionsSunrise Dam175154146140122
GHG emissionsTropicana300297303255250
GHG emissionsBrazil11183766676
GHG emissionsAGA Mineração7759524552
GHG emissionsSerra Grande3524242124
GHG emissionsGhana230238185165160
GHG emissionsIduapriem128126121134124
GHG emissionsObuasi102112643136
GHG emissionsGuinea234222205156163
GHG emissionsSiguiri234222205156163
GHG emissionsMali0838489106
GHG emissionsSadiola0838489106
GHG emissionsYatela00000
GHG emissionsSouth Africa09501,2181,3322,733
GHG emissionsMine Waste Solutions0177210210201
GHG emissionsVaal River01091733171,242
GHG emissionsWest Wits06648358051,290
GHG emissionsTanzania234227251266238
GHG emissionsGeita234227251266238
GHG emissions intensityGroup (including sold assets)*3133323246
GHG emissions intensityGroup (excluding sold assets)*3131312927
GHG emissions intensityArgentina3337353532
GHG emissions intensityCerro Vanguardia3337353532
GHG emissions intensityAustralia3635353332
GHG emissions intensitySunrise Dam4338363530
GHG emissions intensityTropicana3334353333
GHG emissions intensityBrazil2316171617
GHG emissions intensityAGA Mineração2116161517
GHG emissions intensitySerra Grande2816181817
GHG emissions intensityGhana3842243132
GHG emissions intensityIduapriem2325242525
GHG emissions intensityObuasi196183000
GHG emissions intensityGuinea2020201514
GHG emissions intensitySiguiri2020201514
GHG emissions intensityMali022181721
GHG emissions intensitySadiola022181721
GHG emissions intensitySouth Africa040353870
GHG emissions intensityMine Waste Solutions010888
GHG emissions intensityVaal River0474578156
GHG emissions intensityWest Wits0194176171280
GHG emissions intensityTanzania4342485044
GHG emissions intensityGeita4342485044
Indirect EnergyGroup Indirect Energy (including sold assets)*2.525.996.486.8511.35
Indirect EnergyGroup Indirect Energy (excluding sold assets)*2.522.742.211.881.84
Indirect EnergyObuasi0.810.790.450.240.25
Indirect EnergyIduapriem0.510.530.480.500.45
Indirect EnergyAGA Brazil (Mineracao)0.821.050.910.800.81
Indirect EnergySerra Grande0.390.370.370.340.33
Indirect EnergyVaal River00.370.601.174.26
Indirect EnergyWest Wits 02.302.963.064.58
Indirect EnergyMine Waste Solutions00.580.700.740.66
Direct EnergyGroup Direct Energy (including sold assets)*19.5219.5819.8518.5418.42
Direct EnergyGroup Direct Energy (excluding sold assets)*19.5219.4819.7118.3417.87
Direct EnergySadiola01.221.231.311.55
Direct EnergyObuasi0.
Direct EnergyIduapriem1.050.910.931.081.00
Direct EnergySiguiri3.453.
Direct EnergyGeita3.443.343.693.923.49
Direct EnergySunrise Dam3.102.792.672.492.18
Direct EnergyTropicana5.034.975.014.234.14
Direct EnergyAGA Brazil (Mineracao)1.200.940.920.920.96
Direct EnergySerra Grande0.300.
Direct EnergyCerro Vanguardia1.761.561.861.871.90
Direct EnergyVaal River 0000.030.35
Direct EnergyWest Wits (Input)
Direct EnergyMine Waste Solutions00.
Indirect GHG EmissionsGroup Indirect GHG Emissions (including sold assets)*1891,1241,3371,4242,747
Indirect GHG EmissionsGroup Indirect GHG Emissions (excluding sold assets)*189181135110114
Indirect GHG EmissionsObuasi9097552935
Indirect GHG EmissionsIduapriem5664586155
Indirect GHG EmissionsAGA Brazil (Mineracao)2914141316
Indirect GHG EmissionsSerra Grande146879
Indirect GHG EmissionsVaal River01091733151,196
Indirect GHG EmissionsWest Wits 06638288001,251
Indirect GHG EmissionsMine Waste Solutions0171201200186
Direct GHG EmissionsGroup Direct GHG Emissions (including sold assets)*1,1921,2141,2331,1471,205
Direct GHG EmissionsGroup Direct GHG Emissions (excluding sold assets)*1,1921,1231,1331,0401,000
Direct GHG EmissionsSadiola0838489106
Direct GHG EmissionsObuasi1315911
Direct GHG EmissionsIduapriem7262637368
Direct GHG EmissionsSiguiri234222205156163
Direct GHG EmissionsGeita234227251266238
Direct GHG EmissionsSunrise Dam175154146140122
Direct GHG EmissionsTropicana300297303255250
Direct GHG EmissionsAGA Brazil (Mineracao)4846383236
Direct GHG EmissionsSerra Grande2117171415
Direct GHG EmissionsCerro Vanguardia9683101102106
Direct GHG EmissionsVaal River 000246
Direct GHG EmissionsWest Wits (Input)007540
Direct GHG EmissionsMine Waste Solutions0791014
NOx, SOxOxides of Nitrogen4,9685,1184,8624,62428,184
NOx, SOxOxides of Sulphur174134143117170
Water withdrawal
Water withdrawalGroup (including sold assets)*33,11847,40548,11345,89252,219
Water withdrawalGroup (excluding sold assets)*33,11832,00928,08826,92128,241
Water withdrawal Argentina 1,4661,3921,5121,5961,487
Water withdrawalCerro Vanguardia1,4661,3921,5121,5961,487
Water withdrawalAustralia7,7738,7288,6987,7346,783
Water withdrawalSunrise Dam2,2471,6571,8981,8081,115
Water withdrawalTropicana5,5257,0716,8015,9265,668
Water withdrawal Brazil 9,8069,1847,2686,2176,795
Water withdrawalAGA Mineração7,9568,0636,8254,7175,292
Water withdrawalSerra Grande1,8501,1214431,5001,504
Water withdrawal Ghana 2,5262,133801,6362,137
Water withdrawalIduapriem438454801,6362,137
Water withdrawalObuasi2,0871,678000
Water withdrawal Guinea 7,7847,4087,0836,0276,349
Water withdrawalSiguiri7,7847,4087,0836,0276,349
Water withdrawal Mali 04,6575,4094,2013,476
Water withdrawalSadiola04,6575,4094,2013,476
Water withdrawal South Africa 010,73814,61714,77020,503
Water withdrawalMine Waste Solutions06,4697,7797,0076,002
Water withdrawalVaal River01,5443,5814,50710,813
Water withdrawalWest Wits02,7253,2573,2563,688
Water withdrawal Tanzania 3,7623,1653,2293,7114,689
Water withdrawalGeita3,7623,1653,2293,7114,689
Water withdrawal efficiency Group (including discontinued operations)0.750.680.600.570.61
Water withdrawal efficiency Group (excluding discontinued operations)0.750.750.690.670.68
Water withdrawal efficiency Argentina0.500.610.520.550.45
Water withdrawal efficiency Cerro Vanguardia0.500.610.520.550.45
Water withdrawal efficiency Australia0.590.680.680.650.58
Water withdrawal efficiency Sunrise Dam0.550.410.460.450.28
Water withdrawal efficiency Tropicana0.600.800.790.760.74
Water withdrawal efficiency Brazil1.981.731.601.501.54
Water withdrawal efficiency AGA Mineração2.
Water withdrawal efficiency Serra Grande1.500.740.341.291.06
Water withdrawal efficiency Ghana0.420.380.020.310.42
Water withdrawal efficiency Iduapriem0.
Water withdrawal efficiency Obuasi42.74000
Water withdrawal efficiency Guinea0.680.660.680.580.54
Water withdrawal efficiency Siguiri0.680.660.680.580.54
Water withdrawal efficiency Mali01.251.130.810.69
Water withdrawal efficiency Sadiola01.251.130.810.69
Water withdrawal efficiency South Africa00.460.420.420.53
Water withdrawal efficiency Mine Waste Solutions00.360.290.270.23
Water withdrawal efficiency Vaal River00.670.941.101.36
Water withdrawal efficiency West Wits00.790.690.690.80
Water withdrawal efficiency Tanzania0.690.580.620.690.88
Water withdrawal efficiency Geita0.690.580.620.690.88
Reportable environmental incidents
Reportable environmental incidentsGroup58323
Risk and uncertainty
Payments to GovernmentArgentina137.40130.80131.30112.50151.70
Payments to GovernmentDividends paid to the government8.705.906.906.309
Payments to GovernmentTaxation paid54.8030.3045.1029.4070.50
Payments to GovernmentWithholding tax (STC, royalties, etc.)20.4024.2019.3032.9034.10
Payments to GovernmentOther indirect taxes and duties32.602.602.404.50
Payments to GovernmentEmployee taxes and other contributions14.5013.4013.1015.9022.80
Payments to GovernmentProperty tax00000.10
Payments to GovernmentOther3654.5044.2025.6010.70
Payments to GovernmentAustralia123.50129.2094.7082.5074
Payments to GovernmentTaxation paid59.9068.7040.303627.50
Payments to GovernmentWithholding tax (STC, royalties, etc.)22.5024.6021.1018.4018.60
Payments to GovernmentEmployee taxes and other contributions41.2035.9033.4028.1027.90
Payments to GovernmentBrazil202.90138.60109.10107.40126
Payments to GovernmentTaxation paid118.307234.403645.30
Payments to GovernmentWithholding tax (STC, royalties, etc.)19.8012.1011.6011.4014.40
Payments to GovernmentOther indirect taxes and duties11.206.707.8068.10
Payments to GovernmentEmployee taxes and other contributions39.3034.3042.504248.30
Payments to GovernmentProperty tax2.501.402.201.702.20
Payments to GovernmentOther11.7012.2010.5010.107.70
Payments to GovernmentColombia14.6012.3011.109.7011.80
Payments to GovernmentTaxation paid00000.40
Payments to GovernmentWithholding tax (STC, royalties, etc.)5.905.905.203.404.20
Payments to GovernmentOther indirect taxes and duties0.
Payments to GovernmentEmployee taxes and other contributions6.804.804.5045.10
Payments to GovernmentProperty tax0.500.300.300.300.20
Payments to GovernmentOther1.301.1011.901.80
Payments to GovernmentDRC77.7070.6069.8032.5027.80
Payments to GovernmentTaxation paid0012.6005.20
Payments to GovernmentWithholding tax (STC, royalties, etc.)3729.1023.4012.309.20
Payments to GovernmentOther indirect taxes and duties1517.8012.309.805.10
Payments to GovernmentEmployee taxes and other contributions15.2013.109.904.703.80
Payments to GovernmentProperty tax00000
Payments to GovernmentOther10.5010.6011.505.804.50
Payments to GovernmentGhana102.20161.9086.2047.5037.70
Payments to GovernmentDividends paid to the government00000
Payments to GovernmentTaxation paid38.60974521.1013.70
Payments to GovernmentWithholding tax (STC, royalties, etc.)39.5043.5022.1012.1012.60
Payments to GovernmentOther indirect taxes and duties2.903.804.403.202
Payments to GovernmentEmployee taxes and other contributions20.9017.3014.70119.30
Payments to GovernmentProperty tax0.300.300.100.100.10
Payments to GovernmentGuinea54.805332.7078.30100.20
Payments to GovernmentDividends paid to the government10.905.302.208.309.80
Payments to GovernmentTaxation paid032.103540.10
Payments to GovernmentWithholding tax (STC, royalties, etc.)27.4022.7015.102221.60
Payments to GovernmentOther indirect taxes and duties3.904.102.401.7020
Payments to GovernmentEmployee taxes and other contributions10.2010.2010.9011.308.60
Payments to GovernmentOther2.407.700.100.100.10
Payments to GovernmentMali025.8019.9025.5024.70
Payments to GovernmentDividends paid to the government01.300.900.800.50
Payments to GovernmentTaxation paid09.702.9044.10
Payments to GovernmentWithholding tax (STC, royalties, etc.)
Payments to GovernmentOther indirect taxes and duties03.702.904.604.40
Payments to GovernmentEmployee taxes and other contributions05.106.107.907.40
Payments to GovernmentProperty tax00.500.500.500.60
Payments to GovernmentOther00.400.400.400.40
Payments to GovernmentSouth Africa063.5079.5091.30118.10
Payments to GovernmentTaxation paid00000
Payments to GovernmentWithholding tax (STC, royalties, etc.)00.401.8024.80
Payments to GovernmentEmployee taxes and other contributions059.5073.4083105
Payments to GovernmentProperty tax02.301.903.103.40
Payments to GovernmentOther01.202.503.204.90
Payments to GovernmentTanzania241.70326.10190168.10141
Payments to GovernmentTaxation paid106.30154.3082.6056.4051.10
Payments to GovernmentWithholding tax (STC, royalties, etc.)88.50131.6077.9081.8047.70
Payments to GovernmentOther indirect taxes and duties5.303.103.40515.30
Payments to GovernmentEmployee taxes and other contributions30.6029.4023.1021.2022.10
Payments to GovernmentOther117.802.903.804.80
Payments to GovernmentUSA3.504.2054.707.70
Payments to GovernmentTaxation paid00000
Payments to GovernmentWithholding tax (STC, royalties, etc.)00000
Payments to GovernmentEmployee taxes and other contributions3.504.204.904.707.70
Payments to GovernmentProperty tax00000
Payments to GovernmentOther (severance tax, production mine tax)00000
Total value of political contributionsGroup00000
Total value of political contributionsBrazil00000
Total value of political contributionsColombia00000
Financial assistance from governmentArgentina0009.307.10
Financial assistance from governmentCerro Vanguadia0009.307.10
Financial assistance from governmentAustralia24.602121.1020.1019.80
Financial assistance from governmentSunrise Dam (diesel fuel rebate)6.204.503.404.503.90
Financial assistance from governmentTropicana (diesel fuel rebate)18.4016.5017.8015.6015.90
Financial assistance from governmentSouth Africa01.601.602.103.40
Financial assistance from governmentSkills development levy credits00.100.600.400.80
Financial assistance from governmentMining qualification association discretionary grant01.5011.702.60
Financial assistance from governmentAngloGold Ashanti Health00000.10
Financial assistance from governmentState-aided drugs00000.10
Operations assessed for risk related to corruptionOperations assessed for risk related to corruption (%)03877100100
Confirmed incidents in which employees were dismissed or disciplined for corruptionNumber of confirmed incidents in which employees were dismissed or disciplined for corruption00110
Confirmed incidents of corruption and action takenConfirmed incidents of corruption and action taken00410
Contracts with business partners that were terminated due to violations related to corruptionNumber of contracts with business partners that were terminated due to violations related to corruption001824
Report public legal cases of corruption brought against the organisation or its employeesReport public legal cases of corruption brought against the organisation or its employees00000
Monetary value of significant finesMonetary value of significant fines00000
Total number of non monetary sanctionsTotal number of non monetary sanctions01000
Talent management
Total average number of employeesGroup30,56136,95234,26344,24951,480
Total average number of employeesPermanent14,17720,73019,87429,96836,072
Total average number of employeesContractors16,38416,22214,38914,28115,408
Training and Development expenditureSouth Africa05.748.0111.0628.34
Training and Development expenditureAmericas3.091.060.961.612.26
Training and Development expenditureAustralia1.641.140.981.201.20
Training and Development expenditureAfrica2.382.821.551.304.50
Number of grievances relating to unfair labour practices filed during the reporting periodGroup14616014
Number of strike or lock out exceeding one weekGroup10000
South Africa Employment Equity across all levelsBoard3847363645
South Africa Employment Equity across all levelsTop Management8250434343
South Africa Employment Equity across all levelsSenior Management4645454442
South Africa Employment Equity across all levelsMiddle Management6256545552
South Africa Employment Equity across all levelsJunior Management9565646160
South Africa Employment Equity across all levelsCore and critical skills652525356
Proportion of senior management from local communityArgentina100100100100100
Proportion of senior management from local communityAustralia7375788282
Proportion of senior management from local communityBrazil91949393100
Proportion of senior management from local communityCorporate9290919391
Proportion of senior management from local communityGhana6853565644
Proportion of senior management from local communityGuinea3638333325
Proportion of senior management from local communityMali0050500
Proportion of senior management from local communityTanzania332520140
Proportion of senior management from local communityColombia82756967100
Proportion of senior management from local communitySouth Africa010010010099
Proportion of senior management from local communityUSA8786888987
Employees covered by collective bargainingArgentina9090999999
Employees covered by collective bargainingAustralia00000
Employees covered by collective bargainingBrazil100100100100100
Employees covered by collective bargainingColombia00000
Employees covered by collective bargainingGhana8780939496
Employees covered by collective bargainingGuinea9494969795
Employees covered by collective bargainingMali099989998
Employees covered by collective bargainingSouth Africa096979691
Employees covered by collective bargainingTanzania8586858690
Employees covered by collective bargainingUSA00000
Total quarter average number of employeesGroup31,5430000
Total quarter average number of employeesPermanent14,3250000
Total quarter average number of employeesContractors17,2180000
Composition of governance bodies: Numbers2,0212,0202,0192,0182,017
Board composition by nationalitySouth African40000
Board composition by nationalityAmerican20000
Board composition by nationalityAustralian00000
Board composition by nationalityBritish10000
Board composition by nationalityCanadian10000
Board composition by nationalityGhanaian10000
Board composition by nationalityOther00000
Board composition by nationalityColombian10000
Board composition by HDSAHDSA40000
Board composition by HDSANon-HDSA00000
Board composition by HDSANon-South Africans60000
Board composition by genderMen66700
Board composition by genderWomen44400
Executive composition by nationalitySouth African60000
Executive composition by nationalityAmerican10000
Executive composition by nationalityAustralian10000
Executive composition by nationalityBritish00000
Executive composition by nationalityCanadian00000
Executive composition by nationalityGhanaian00000
Executive composition by nationalityColombian10000
Executive composition by nationalityOther00000
Executive composition by HDSAHDSA40000
Executive composition by HDSANon-HDSA10000
Executive composition by HDSANon-South Africans30000
Executive composition by genderMen66600
Executive composition by genderWomen33300
Composition of governance bodies: Percentages00000
Board composition by nationalitySouth African4044454555
Board composition by nationalityAmerican2022181818
Board composition by nationalityAustralian00999
Board composition by nationalityBritish10119189
Board composition by nationalityCanadian10111890
Board composition by nationalityGhanaian1011000
Board composition by nationalityOther00009
Board composition by nationalityColombian100000
Board composition by HDSAHDSA4033453345
Board composition by HDSANon-HDSA01102210
Board composition by HDSANon-South Africans6056554545
Board composition by genderMen6456647364
Board composition by genderWomen3644362736
Executive composition by nationalitySouth African6767565656
Executive composition by nationalityAmerican11001111
Executive composition by nationalityAustralian1122111111
Executive composition by nationalityBritish000011
Executive composition by nationalityCanadian01122110
Executive composition by nationalityGhanaian00000
Executive composition by nationalityColombian110000
Executive composition by nationalityOther00111111
Executive composition by HDSAHDSA4433333633
Executive composition by HDSANon-HDSA113311922
Executive composition by HDSANon-South Africans3333565545
Executive composition by genderMen6767676767
Executive composition by genderWomen3333333333
Respecting human rights
Number of human rights reported incidents under VPSHRNumber of human rights reported incidents under VPSHR00003
Number of human rights allegations under VPSHRNumber of human rights allegations under VPSHR20312
Security personnel trained in the organisations human rights policies and proceduresSecurity personnel trained in the organisations human rights policies and procedures1009999.5098.4093.50
Incidents of violations involving the rights of indigenous peoplesIncidents of violations involving the rights of indigenous peoples00010
New suppliers screenedUsing labour practices criteria8746408031
New suppliers screenedUsing human rights criteria8746407578
New suppliers screenedUsing environmental criteria8746404331
New suppliers screenedUsing impact on society criteria8751406831
Artisanal and small-scale mining
Fatalities and injuries to community members whilst engaged in illegal activity, and not related to security interventionsFatalities2617253733
Fatalities and injuries to community members whilst engaged in illegal activity, and not related to security interventionsInjuries65920918
Number of sites/operations where ASM takes place adjacent or near the mineNumber of sites/operations where ASM takes place adjacent or near the mine811111111
Fatalities and injuries to AngloGold Ashanti personnel in the line of dutyFatalities00000
Fatalities and injuries to AngloGold Ashanti personnel in the line of dutyInjuries178253022
Fatalities and injuries to community members related to security interventionsFatalities00021
Fatalities and injuries to community members related to security interventionsInjuries1935494032
AustraliaIndigenous / Aboriginal groupAgreement / Programmes
* Sunrise Dam All aboriginal communities in Laverton region Local  procurement and community development programmes and consultations
* Tropicana All aboriginal communities and stakeholders in Menzies and Kalgoorlie Boulders regions Local  procurement and community development programmes and consultations

* Position under review in line with the Native Tittle Determination

Number of sites with a formal benefit agreements or community development plans 

SitesPlan in place (Yes/No)Plan descriptionPartnerships in place to coordinate with other agencies for social and community developmentSite engaged in community infrastructure development in 2021
South Africa – CorporateYesCorporate Social Investment PlanYesYes
IduapriemYes5 year Socio-economic Development Plan in placeYesYes
ObuasiYesSocial Management Plan implemented between 2019-2021YesYes
GeitaYes2020/2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Plan YesYes
SiguiriYesSocio-economic Development Plan YesYes
KibaliYesJoint Venture, operation is managed by Barrick, Community Development PlanYesYes
Sunrise Dam & TropicanaYesCommunity development agreements with local development institutionsYesYes
Cerro VanguardiaYesVoluntary Contributions Agreement with the local municipality and Development Agencies AgreementYesYes
AGA Brazil (Mineração)YesSustainable Partnership ProgramYesYes
Serra GrandeYesSustainable Partnership ProgramYesYes
QuebradonaYesCommunity investment plans in place for the projectYesYes
GramaloteYesJoint Venture, operation is managed by Be2GoldYesYes
La ColosaN/AProject under force majeureN/AN/A
Denver OfficeYesCorporate Social Investment program YesNo

Management and assessment of impacts on communities for the last 3 years

SiteImpact Assessment DateTypeOutcome
Sunrise Dam 2020 ESIA Golden Delicious new pit development Impact management
Tropicana No major operational changes  
Siguiri 2019 ESIA as part of the Block 2 mine extension project Social Management Plan
Iduapriem 2020-2021 ESIA as part of the Beposo TSF project Resettlement Acton Plan and Social Impact Management Plans
Obuasi 2021 Socio-economic Impact Assessment  10-year Social Management Plan
Geita 2020 ESIA for Nyamulilima pit development Mining permit and associated EIS Management Plans
Cerro Vanguardia No major operational changes  
AGA Brazil (Mineração) 2020 SIA for TSF dry stacking projects Management Plan
Serra Grande 2020 SIA for TSF dry stacking projects Management Plan
Quebradona 2020 ESIA for project development  Heritage Management Plan & Social Management Plan
Gramalote 2020 Joint Venture, operation is managed by Be2Gold  
La Colosa 2020 Project under force majeure  

Resettlement and/or relocation activity

Site level 1, 2Resettlement and/or relocation activity occurred in 2021Number of households
resettled and/or relocated in 2021
Details of resettlement activities
IduapriemYes0RAP for Beposo TSF and RWD site approved and implementation initiated during 2021. Relocation is planned for 2022.
KibaliNo0JV managed by Barrick
Sunrise Dam & TropicanaNo0
Cerro VanguardiaNo0
AGA Brazil (Mineração)No0
Serra GrandeNo0Santos Reis resettlement project was advanced regarding the households that are yet to be relocated. 45 of 51 households have been relocated already.
QuebradonaNo0Livelihood restoration programs implemented during the year.
GramaloteNo0JV managed by B2Gold
La ColosaN/A0Project under force majeure

Stakeholder engagement activities

CountrySite/OperationsStakeholder engagement plan (Yes / No)Key Stakeholder EngagedIssue/Outcome
Guinea Siguiri Yes Local/National Authorities ASM, Socio-Economic Development & Mine Development
Yes Women  Community Development & Local Economic Development projects
Yes Youth ASM, Localisation & Mining impacts
Yes Community Leaders ASM, Localisation & Mining impacts
Ghana Iduapriem Yes Women  Mine Development, Community Development & Local Economic Development projects
Yes Youth Localisation & Mining impacts
Yes Host Communities Mine Development, Community Consultative Forum & Mining impacts
Obuasi Yes Local authorities Mine development, Community Development & Local economic development projects
Yes Youth Localisation & Mining impacts
Yes Host Communities Mine development, Community Consultative Forum & Mining impacts
Tanzania Geita Yes Local/national  authorities Socio-Economic Development Programmes & Complaints and Grievances
Yes Host Communities Community Safety & Socio-Economic Development Programmes 
Yes NGOs Partnership for community development initiatives
Australia Tropicana Yes Local/national  authorities Partnerships and campaigns for health and education programmes
Yes Youth Local Employment Programme
Sunrise Dam Yes Indigenous Groups Cultural Heritage Agreements & Socio-Economic Development programmes
Yes Youth Local Employment Programme
Argentina Cerro Vanguardia Yes Development Agencies Partnership for community development initiatives
Local Authorities Partnerships and campaigns for health and education programmes
Brazil Mineração  Yes Development Agencies Sustainable Partnership Programme 
Yes Host Communities  TSF Safety and social performance
Yes Women  Enterprise Development projects
Serra Grande Yes Development Agencies Sustainable Partnership Programme
Yes Host Communities  TSF Safety and social performance
Yes NGOs Resettlement project
Colombia Quebradona Yes Local/National Authorities Project License requirements 
Yes Host Communities Project Development & Social Performance 
Yes Women & Youth Socio-Economic Development Programmes
Sites with local community engagement programmes (%) 100%