Stakeholder engagement

Effective management of stakeholder relationships has a direct bearing on our ability to deliver on our strategy and create value.


We are committed to collaborative stakeholder engagement. Our stakeholder engagement process is integrated and inclusive, seeking to balance the needs, interests and expectations of stakeholders with those of AngloGold Ashanti. It is critical at every stage of our business, from exploration through to mine closure.

Our engagement structures aim to help us better navigate the political, regulatory and legislative environments in which we operate, to provide insight into potential risks, opportunities and key issues, enabling us to better manage and act on these and to protect our social licence to operate.


The board has ultimate responsibility for stakeholder engagement. The SES Committee assists with oversight of our stakeholder engagement framework and structures, key stakeholders and their issues. The committee reviews the framework and engagement annually

Engaging with our stakeholders

We engage with all stakeholder groups via responsive platforms – both regularly and as needed. For more detail on our engagements and responses see <IR> Integrated stakeholder engagement.

Investment community

Key issues of engagement:

  • Appointment of CEO and new approach
  • Financial and operating performance
  • ESG performance and climate approach
  • Cash lock-up challenges
  • Obuasi (underground) suspension and restart
  • Climate change strategy
  • COVID-19: first- and second-order impacts

Employees and unions

Key issues of engagement:

  • Implications of new Operating Model and organisational restructuring
  • Safety
  • Organisational culture – we carried out a Barrett survey of company culture and values, recording an 80%+ response rate. We will engage employees on the findings in the year
  • Obuasi (underground) suspension and restart
  • COVID-19: response and management
  • Productivity, maintaining strategy focus and meeting guidance

Governments and regulators

Key issues of engagement:

  • Regulatory and political changes
  • TSF management
  • Project development updates
  • Dispute resolution
  • Mitigation of political and regulatory risk


Key issues of engagement:

  • Responsible sourcing
  • Local content and procurement opportunities
  • Community capacity building and localisation
  • Supply chain risks


Key issues of engagement:

  • Employment and procurement opportunities
  • Local enterprise and economic development programmes
  • Impacts of mining activities on communities
  • Social licence to operate
  • Land access and relocations
  • Legacy issues

Industry partners and peers

Key issues of engagement:

  • Climate change and evolution of ESG
  • Making clear the benefits of mining
  • Regulatory uncertainty
  • TSF management


We engage with the media to facilitate understanding of the Company among government stakeholders, the investment community and the general public, to promote transparent and accurate reporting, and to contribute to constructive relationships with other stakeholders.